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All-in-One Online Course Learning Management System

By zealousys


Our client owns one of the reputed online teaching management systems in South America with 16000+ users. The client wanted to expand their business and wanted features similar to skillshare.com website.

The client already had a pilot website where anyone can learn and share amazing skills with the best teachers. The old website is developed using .NET. But client wanted to re-develop and re-design the whole website from scratch using open-source technology for improving the speed and performance. The client also wanted to use cloud hosting from Microsoft Azure.


The biggest challenge was timely delivery and migrating the old database to the new website.

Client also wanted to migrate data to cloud. They chose MS Azure hosting which was not an issue for us, but we had to migrate old database with integrity to new one that will be hosted in Azure blob and it should not lose any of current 16000+ user data. That means, we had to do it meticulously. There was no margin for slightest error.

We had to maintain old user’s data integrity as well, no data should be lost.


We suggested client to go with Python Django as it is more scalable and use MYSQL for database as migration which was needed and as old site was using MYSQL as well. This will make our migration task simple and just needed to focus on uploading over cloud.

The project has many dependencies and interconnected features which makes it complex and client wanted to launch the website as early as possible. Keeping in mind the complexity and timeline of the project and using our development methodology, we first created weekly milestones and divided tasks as per the milestones. Client was closely involved and that helped us bringing clarity in the tasks and we also regularly kept updated regarding the progress of the website with frequent demos.

We used Azure blob, an online video and images upload service. We also integrated mix panel, intercom and zopim, which are 3rd party software for analytics, reports, live chat etc. And to make the payment process easier for users, we implemented PayPal, Stripe and Pagoefectivo payment gateways.

With rigorous testing and QA, we provided quality work within timeline to client.


  • Registration
  • Login via Facebook, Twitter
  • Dashboard
  • Upload project
  • Teach a course
  • User profile
  • Discount codes
  • Multiple video upload
  • Monthly and annual membership
  • Forum
  • Social connect
  • Project sharing via Facebook, Twitter
  • Refer friend to the class
  • Course catalogue
  • Payment options
    1. Credit card: Braintree
    2. Paypal
    3. Pagoefectivo
    4. Stripe
    5. Bank direct transfer
  • Software integration
    1. Google analytics
    2. Mix panel
    3. Intercom
    4. Zopim
  • Admin
    1. Change/Select display of courses, projects, banner image
    2. Modify course information
    3. Generate discount codes for courses and membership plans
    4. Manually select membership access for users
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