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College Admission Automation App development

Delays of Manual Systems

Problems of Miscommunication

Standard Quotation Format

Standard Quotation Format

Defining The Problem

We have an itch to do deep research about the problem.
  • The college had a strict admission process based on merit and completion of prerequisite courses.
  • To determine if a student has completed the necessary courses for their desired program, there was a manual process with a hierarchy of multiple roles.
  • The manual process resulted in a high turnaround time and multiple instances of miscommunication.
College Admission Automation Software

Process Automation

Prerequisite Course List Integration

Student Data Integration and Comparison

Understanding The Need

Our versatile portfolio makes this easy for us.
  • The client required a system to automate the manual admission process and smoothen the student eligibility determination process.
  • The system was intended to integrate all the prerequisite courses required for students to qualify.
  • Admission officers, academics, and registrars had the authority to update the system if there were no common courses found.
  • The goal of the system was to reduce the turnaround time of eligibility study of the students.

What Zealous Proposed ?

Research. Understood. Proposed.

Robust Mobile Application

For all time access to the Admission officer and effective communication, a mobile application with various prerequisite course lists pre-uploaded was proposed to the client.

Integration with Existing system

All the courses were to be fetched from other system for Admission officer. Thus, instead of manual feed, we proposed integration of the existing system.

Automated Transfer Credit Evaluation

After the course mapping was completed, the students will be provided with real-time updates of their eligibility in terms of TCE i.e. Transfer Credit Evaluation.

The Journey

  • Client Briefing 1

    Client meetings

    Our business analyst along with project manager conducted various meetings with client to understand their requirements.

  • Document of scope 2


    After various client meetings, a scope document with detailed requirement list was prepared for the client.

  • Wireframe development 3

    App Development

    Based on the scope document, the entire Mobile Application was developed for the client.

  • Wearable Device App 4

    System Integration

    After the whole Mobile App was developed, the app was integrated with the existing system to populate app with course list data.

  • System Testing 5

    App Testing

    After the whole system was established, the app was tested before it was deployed for the users.

The fight was tough but so fun to crack!

The biggest challenge was to automate the process and restrict the access of Admission Officer in the system, while also mapping the courses submitted by students that were not listed in the system.
  • To address this challenge, our developers proposed a solution where the Admission Officer could map all the listed courses.
  • If there were courses missing from the system, they could not update the list directly.
  • Instead, they would notify the higher authorities, the Academic Head and Registrar, who would then manually map and update the course list on the platform.

What We Delivered

From nothing to a star!

Credit Evaluation

Based on the list provided by the students, they will be rewarded with the credit points in shortest possible time.

Real-time Updates

As soon as the mapping is done, the academic user will be updated of the mapping or the missing course list.

Mapping Rights

When occurred incidents where the courses were not listed, the users with higher access can update the system.

Export TCE

If all the courses are matched, the academic users will be able to export the TCE details.

Instant Notification

Notification will be sent to academic users, once their request is approved/ rejected.

Students Approval

Once all the courses are matched with the course. The student request will be marked as approved.


Post approval all the data of the students is stored in the powercampus database.

Technology Stack


System Workflow

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