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Business Requirements


What was the Problem?

The crux of the problem lies in the mind and priority deviation. Whenever we go shopping, we go with specific priorities and ‘thing to buy’ in mind, but end up buying something else. Lot of distractions, offers, and discounts leave us feeling lost in the shopping mall.

And what was the Need?

To create an AR mobile app that will allow users to locate their desired product in the entire mall using mobile camera.


What Zealous Proposed?

Augmented Reality App

Showing Real-time information to the users - stores, products, and discounts as they enter the mall


Sort the products category-wise or product-wise; depending on the requirement


Flexible to fit the future stores and their products

The Journey


The blueprint of the shopping mall was studied as the mall was huge in size, including number of floors, the layout of mall and the number of shops on each floor.


SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping) technology was then incorporated to update the shopping mall map and simultaneously track user’s location within it.


Google Places API was also used for each shop’s data, which, as per the client’s requirement, needed to be entered manually by the admin.


AR tool kit, an open-source augmented reality SDK was used to develop cross-platform AR application.

A Tough Fight

If the outcome is worthy, the road would be tough!

To make the outcome worthy, the first factor we needed to ensure in the app was Accuracy. Since all the shops in shopping mall were very close, and the client required us to show in-depth data for each of them, we had to ensure complete precision throughout.

We achieved this precision by obtaining shopping mall blue prints and using the SLAM technology.

The deadlines were tight, but that didn’t budge us from delivering on time, all thanks to AR/VR experts on board.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

Technology Stack

  • iOS Swift 4.0
  • Android Studio
  • Google Places API
  • SLAM Technology
  • AR Tool Kit
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