Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The Municipality of Vadso has an extracurricular activities program for their citizens in which parents can enrol their children and can also claim a subsidiary on the fees. The entire process was manual where the parents had to search for the activities provided online, reach out to the agency to enrol their children and then go to respective departments to claim the subsidy. Because of this government was not able to increase the reach of their program and the citizens also had to go through tedious process to enrol their children.

What was the Need?

To ensure that the citizens can make the most out of their program, our client wanted a technology partner that can help them digitize their entire process. They wanted a web application that would enable parents to explore and enrol their children into the extracurricular activities of their choice and make the payment right from the platform. Apart from that, the aim was to simplify the process for parents to understand the entire program and make informed decisions.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Bigger Challenges requires expertise and determination

The biggest challenge was to understand the entire process and the existing technology solutions that the Vadso Municipality had employed. Not only were there various complex scenarios that our developers had to deal with, there were also language barrier that our resources had to deal with. Apart from that, there were a lot of systems that we had to integrate with our platform.

The client was very responsive and they provided our resources with all the information that was needed. To tackle the complex scenarios, government processes and existing systems, Zealous deployed a cross-functional team of technology and business experts that co-ordinated with the client to create various User Scenarios and system flows. With the help of our technical proficiency and domain understanding we were able to overcome the challenges while also maintaining the committed timeline.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • Php
  • Laravel app development
  • Html
    HTML 5
  • My sql
    My SQL
  • Css3
    CSS 3

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