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Business Requirements

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    Lack of System for Enterprises

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    Government Fund Integration

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    Lack of Payment Integration

What was the Problem?

The client was a prominent Human Resource Management Company from South Africa who along with Government Agencies was working endlessly to help unemployed Youth of the Country in getting suitable employment. While the company already had a system using which Youth can register for employment, the company didn’t have a system for enterprises to search and hire suitable candidates from all the available youth in the Youth system. Apart from that, there also was a lack of system that can be used to divert the funds received from Government to the Enterprises who employ the Youth.

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    System Development for Enterprises

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    Payment Process Integration

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    Reports and Surveys Module

And What was the Need?

The client already had a system for unemployed youth so that they could register to find suitable employment. They required a system where enterprises can demand for the suitable candidates for their organisations and make advance payments for the same. Apart from that, the system must also allow admin to send the payment along with the allotted funds to the Government Bodies back to the enterprises so that the payment can be made to the recruited Employees. One additional requirement was to develop a feature where the employed youth can take surveys regarding the Enterprises where they are appointed and based on those surveys, reports can be generated.

What Zealous Proposed?

System for Enterprises

We proposed to develop a system where the enterprises can register and recruit unemployed youth for their enterprise.

Payment Process Integration

Every company must make a pre-defined advance payment to hire a youth which then will be returned to them along with Government funds to companies.


Every enterprise who recruits the unemployed youth will be awarded with a Certificate from the client.

The Journey

  • Requirement Gathering
    Our team of Business Analyst and Developers conducted various meetings for client requirement gathering.
  • UI/UX Design
    Client required a simplified UI and UX that matches their Brand Image and ensures delightful User Experience.
  • System Integration
    Whole Enterprise system was then deployed and integrated with the existing Youth System.
  • Scope Documentation
    Based on the requirements gathered in the initial stage, a detailed Scope Document was prepared for client.
  • Agile System Development
    Based on the UI components and Scope Document, backend system was developed using agile methodology.

A Tough Fight

Savvy Choices and Effective Planning diminishes unexpected Contingencies

The client already had a system for Youth management and the biggest challenge was to integrate various other systems to the new system that was to be developed. For instance, the client wanted to integrate Government Database into the enterprise system and fetch data when a company entered their registration number. One other requirement was system must not allow companies to make further request till previous payment is not made. Apart from that, the integrated Payment System must allow companies to deposit payment for Youth required.

To solve the problems, our technical experts conducted an in-depth research and chose Technology Stack that can integrate all the other systems. Also, decision was made to integrate customised XERO Payment system to solve all the payment related challenges.

From Flaws to Features

  • User Registration

    The company must register for at least one year and can provide all the essential details.

  • Business Classification

    Companies that quote below pre-defined amount will be classified as Small Business and will get Free Services.

  • Reports

    Automated reports were created based on surveys taken by the Youth.

  • Add Youth

    Company owners will be having an option to either add a youth details manually in the system or upload a spreadsheet which includes a list of all the youths.

  • Invoice

    Whenever a new youth is added in the system their amount related invoice will be generated which the company owner will be liable to pay to the admin.

  • Certification

    Company owners will be certified with a certification once they request the admin for hiring unemployed youth.

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • Laravel apps
  • Mysql
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