Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client is an Appreneur from Canada and he had identified a pain point in the Handyman business model. The Waclient had recognised that the Handyman Businesses in Canada were not organised and that these businesses and individuals did not have any standard rates for the home services that they offered. Apart from that, these businesses had minimal digital presence and the customers had to follow a long and manual process to search and compare the home services offered by these handyman businesses.

What was the Need?

The client wanted to organise the Home Service market and create a Digital Platform that would serve as the bridge between the Customers and the Handyman businesses. Apart from that, the goal was also create an On-Demand Application that would allow customers to book services at a pre-defined rate and get services as and when required. Thus, with the requirement of creating a Mobile Application that would digitize the Handyman business and let customers find reliable home services, client approached Zealous Systems.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Simpler Solutions require Higher Technical Proficiency

Since there was no possibility for customers to determine for how many hours they would require the service, the biggest challenge was allow the client to charge an advance payment from the customers. To solve the problem a skilled team of Business Analysts and Technical Experts carried out a lot of Brainstorming sessions with client.

To solve the problem, it was suggested that the application will demand for the advance payment of the first hour of the service that is booked by the customers from the Stripe platform. When the staff from the assigned vendor will visit the client, they will define the start and end time of the whole service into the application. When the service would end, the whole time would be calculated and based on that, the remaining payment would be processed automatically from the Stripe account of the customer.

From Flaws to Features

  • Staff Role Assignment

    Once the booking is confirmed, the vendor can assign the task any of the pre-defined staff members from his business.

  • Instant Notifications

    The app would send instant notifications to both the customer and the vendor once the service is booked.

  • Verified Registration

    Vendors must upload all the certificate’s which are related to the service they are willing to provide. An admin will be responsible for approving or rejecting the registration.

  • Reports

    Vendors can get detailed reports of all the completed, rescheduled and cancelled Home Services.

  • Uniform Prices

    Vendor might add different prices while adding a new service but customers will view a uniformed price which will be set by the admin.

  • Reschedule Booking

    By using this feature customer will have an option to reschedule the booking which they have made prior.

  • Approve/ Reject the Booking

    Whenever a new service is booked a notification will be sent to all the nearby vendors and vendors will have an option to either approve/ reject the request.

  • Cancel Booking

    Both customer and vendor has a functionality to cancel the booking by giving a reason for cancellation.

  • Generated Revenue

    Using this feature vendor will be able to view overall generated revenue by completing the services.

System Workflow


Technology Stack

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