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Business Requirements

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  • Manual process error

    Manual Process

  • Data manipulation


  • High admin cost

    High Administrative

What was the Problem?

The client was running a betting and tipping business for the players who wished to create betting competitions and also for the people who wished to bet on the rounds and matches of Rugby. The client had an immense data that was generated and which needed management. Since the whole platform was offline, there were many difficulties faced in managing the data and there were also many incidents of data manipulation.

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  • Online platform

    Online Platform

  • Data management system

    Data Management System

  • Reduction

    Reduction in Data Manipulation

And What was the Need?

The client needed an online platform that can serve as a marketplace for all those who wanted to conduct competitions and betting sessions and also for the users to participate in those sessions. The client also wished to integrate Data Security modules into the system to protect the data and to reduce possibilities of Data Manipulation.

What Zealous Proposed?

Online Betting Competition

To develop an online platform where users can conduct private and public betting competitions

Payment Integration

Payment Gateway Integration into the system for all players and users to receive and make payments.

Gamification and Leadership

Showcasing the results of the competition along with leadership boards to enable Gamification effect into the system and to prompt users to engage more in the system.

The Journey

Requirement Analysis

Our team of Business Analysts and Project Managers analysed the client’s business process and understood the requirements of the project.

Scope Documentation

After understanding the requirements of the client, a scope document was prepared.

Feasibility Test

Feasibility tests of all the functions were made to check the operations of the website.

Agile Development

Agile Development Methodology was employed to develop the software platform.

Deployment and Documentation

The whole system was deployed into the client’s server and a detailed document of the understanding of the software was presented to the client.

A Tough Fight

For us, Challenge is the necessity to Innovation

The Critical challenge that our team faced was to maintain statistics of the whole platform. There were many scenarios where development team had to take care of the calculation for all the players, rounds or zones.

Apart from that, one other challenge which team faced was to develop the UX of the platform in a way that it complements the tipping or betting competition. Also, to make the platform truly secure, our team had to take measures in development of the project to secure data of Players. As each player can create competition either public or private, maintaining data and security of each competition was really essential.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

System workflow

Technology Stack

  • Angular js
    AngularJS 6
    MVC C# .Net
  • Sql server
    SQL Server
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