Business Requirements

Clothting mobile app
Manual Process System support1
Unorganised Market System support2
Lack of Trade Opportunities System support3

What was the Problem?

The client wished to create an application that would serve Fashion Brands with online smart trading of clothing in the USA market. Client had identified that there was no open market mobile application that would empower brands and customers to trade, track and monitor their products. Apart from that, there were also no applications or devices that would help product owners to track the theft of their clothes. With these pain points in mind, client came up with a concept of a mobile application that would serve the brands and customers with smart clothing application using NFC tags.

What was the Need?

With the identified pain points and business opportunity in the Fashion Industry, client wanted to create a business model that would incorporate the cognitive intelligence of IoT and serve customers and brands with smart clothing via a mobile application and a web platform. Pertaining to the requirements, client already had basic UI designed for the web and mobile applications. He required an IoT Development company to refine the designs and create an intuitive mobile application and web platform for end-users and brands & administrators respectively.

Cloth image
Online Platform System support4
Free Marketplace for Buyers System support5
Monetisation Model System support6

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Experience Triumphs Expertise when it comes to Problem Solving

The client understood that the market gap was a bigger loss for the sellers and thus, only the sellers have to pay to upload the number plates on the platform while the buyers can access the platform for free. The biggest challenge was identifying whether the user is a buyer or seller and based on that; allow the user to access the platform.

To solve the problem, our senior developers came up with a classic marketplace solution where a User can simply login into the platform and then they choose whether they wish to buy or sell number plates. If they want to upload the number plates as sellers, they would have to pay the subscription fee first and only then based on the selected plan, they could upload the number plates.

From Flaws to Features

  • Wish list

    Buyers can search for desired number plates and save them for later purchases.

  • Testimonials

    Both buyers and sellers can give feedback regarding the platform and their transaction.

  • Blogs

    There was a dynamic blog section through which Admin could upload blogs on the website.

  • Save Searches

    Using this feature user will be able to save all the searches which are done by them.

  • Testimonials

    User will be able to give their feedback using this feature.

  • Notifications

    Admin will be able to send notifications on predefined conditions. The notification will be sent via email and web.

  • Design Number Plates

    User will have an option to create their design and save it into the system.

  • Chat

    Chat feature enables all the customer and vendors to have a one to one communication in the system.

System Workflow

System workflow

Technology Stack

  • c icons
    MVC .Net
  • Sql server
    SQL Server 2016

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