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Kindergarten development

Obsolete System

Lack of Payment Gateway

Lack of Revenue Models

Lack of Revenue Models

Defining The Problem

We have an itch to do deep research about the problem.
  • The client already had a website that connected parents and pre-school owners to inquire about facilities.
  • Initially, the website was launched as a free service with basic functionalities to experiment and establish the business in the market.
  • With an expanding customer base, upgrades were needed to the website’s functions, and revenue models needed to be integrated into the system.
  • The Minimum Viable Product required updates to the user interface and other functionalities to improve the overall user experience.
Kindergarten Marketplace website
UI Updates

UI Updates

Payment Integration

Integration of Revenue Model

Integration of Revenue Model

Understanding The Need

Our versatile portfolio makes this easy for us.
  • The client desired a complete update to their website.
  • The update would involve integrating various functions to monetize their business.
  • A payment gateway was to be incorporated into the system to facilitate online payments.

What Zealous Proposed ?

Research. Understood. Proposed.

Backend Updates

Backend Updates

To expand the business functions by making changes to the existing system to reduce development cost.

Monetization Models

Zealous suggested client to add sponsored content in the website to help client in creating additional revenue.

Payment Options

To integrate various payment options into the system via Payment Gateway.

The Journey

  • Client Briefing 1

    Current System Analysis

    Our Project Manager and Business Analyst analyzed current system and client requirements to present an ideal solution.

  • Document of scope 2

    Scope Definition

    Based on client’s requirements and our expert’s inputs, a complete scope document was prepared for the client.

  • Wireframe development 3

    UI Designs

    To make the front-end of the website engaging, UI designs were made by the team of Designers

  • Wearable Device App 4

    Agile Development

    Based on the defined scope and designs made by UI experts, our developers executed the development task by using Agile Development Methodology.

  • System Testing 5

    System Integration

    All the updates and functional developments were then integrated into the existing client website.

The fight was tough but so fun to crack!

To shift their focus from promoting their brand to monetizing the platform, the client needed to upgrade the User Experience (UX) of their website. The previous version lacked filter options for parents to customize their search for facilities based on location and specific needs.
  • To meet the client’s objectives, Zealous formed a Center of Excellence, comprising an expert technician, a business analyst, and the client.
  • After analyzing the market and studying the competition, our developers integrated Google Geo-Location API into the new system. This feature enabled users to search for facilities based on their ZIP Code.
  • Another significant challenge was designing the UI of the website. Our team had to understand the psychology of western parents and design a compelling and engaging UI that appealed to their needs.
  • With thorough analysis of the US market, we overcame this challenge and delivered an improved UX.

What We Delivered

From nothing to a star!

Facility based on ZIP Code

The major upgrade to the website was enabling the users to search for Facilities based on their ZIP Code.

Results Filters

The users can also use other filters that were designed and integrated into the system to help them get desired results.

Sponsored Content

To create additional revenue into the business, Facilities were enabled to pay and sponsor their facility on top of every search.

Technology Stack

Geo-Location API

System Workflow

Kindergarten website workflow

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