Business Requirements

Pinecone problem
Obsolete System Obsolote system
Lack of Payment Gateway Payment gateway
Lack of Revenue Models Lack of revenue

What was the Problem?

The client already had a website that served as a marketplace for parents and pre-school owners to connect and inquire about the facilities. The project was a potential experiment and to establish the business in the market, they had kept the service for free with basic functionalities. The business was expanding and with the expanding customer base, the website needed upgrades in the functions and integration of revenue models into the system. Also, the Minimum Viable Product launched by the client also needed UI updates along with other functional updates to improve the overall user experience.

What was the Need?

The client wanted to update the whole website and integrate various functions that can monetise the business. Also, to accept payments online, the client wanted to integrate payment gateway into the system.

Pinecore need
UI Updates UI update
Payment Integration Payment integratation
Integration of Revenue Model Revenue modal

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

Current System Analysis

Our Project Manager and Business Analyst analysed current system and client requirements to present an ideal solution

Scope Definition

Based on client’s requirements and our expert’s inputs, a complete scope document was prepared for the client.

UI Designs

To make the front-end of the website engaging, UI designs were made by the team of Designers

Agile Development

Based on the defined scope and designs made by UI experts, our developers executed the development task by using Agile Development Methodology.

System Integration

All the updates and functional developments were then integrated into the existing client website.

A Tough Fight

A challenge is just an opportunity to showcase our potential

Since the client was shifting their focus from promoting their brand to monetizing the whole platform, it was essential to upgrade the User Experience of the whole website. For instance, the old website had no available filter options for the parents to filter the facilities according to their area and needs. The client wanted to update that system and provide a feature to the parents that they could enable them to search for the facilities based on their location and defined area.

In order to accomplish that task, Zealous had to form a Centre of Excellence that consisted of an expert technician, a business analyst and the client. After thoroughly examining the market and the competitors, to enable the desired functionality on the new website, our team of developers integrated Google Geo-Location API into the system to enable the users to search for facilities based on their ZIP Code.

Apart from that, one of the other challenges that we had to face was to design the UI of the website, we not only had to do the thorough analysis of the USA market, the challenge was to understand the psychology of the western parents and design the UI of the website that is more compelling and engaging to the parents.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

Pinecore flaw

Technology Stack

  • Drupal development
  • Html 5
  • Gio-location
    Geo-Location API
  • Good firms
  • Clutch
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Google Agency Partner
  • D & B Partner
  • Adobe Solutions