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Business Requirements

What was the Problem?

A manual process for student registration, exams, and evaluation process, which also includes the meticulous process of conducting practical exams involving time-consuming activities and wide usage of tools; all-in-all a dreading job for the admin!

And What was the Need?

To create an Online Examination and Evaluation Portal to centralize all the data –questionnaires, test/exam papers, reports, other student details, and shift the manual tiring job to an automated system where new student registration and tests/exams can be given online, and the work can be done in isolation too!

What Zealous Proposed?

Admin Portal

To manage all users as well as modules

Admin Interface

To create test/exam papers using Adobe Flex

Student Interface

To give online exams and receivereal-time results using Flash

The Journey

  • 1

    Breaking the existing system gradually, and making way for the digital technology incorporating all the client requirements

  • 2

    Fitting tools such as Word, Excel, Access, etc. like ‘Lego blocks’ into the newly-designed solution to make it easier for the students to give tests/exams

  • 3

    Developing a “LookAlive” viewer for each of these tools mentioned above using Adobe Flex and Animate

  • 4

    Addressing and fixing the bugs, not disturbing the features’ updates and integration simultaneously

A Tough Fight

What comes easy isn’t tasty enough!

We would be kidding if we say the journey was smooth. Well, we did face a knick and knack here and there.

We had to shift the Manual system to completely Automated system, which also means breaking the ages-old habit.

Come on, that does take a lot from you, right?

Our dedicated resources and enthusiastic team made sure we were right on track with the client’s vision on this. The LookAlive tool had to actually look and function like Word, Excel, Access, etc. to provide the ease and convenience to the end users. This tool was developed with a two-way function delivery – Admin can use this tool to create questionnaires and pre-fill the answers, and the Students can take a test or an exam through the tool.

As the portal was to function on various platforms, we ensured that it was Intranet as well as extranet-friendly, so that the admin can easily access it sitting anywhere.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

Technology Stack

  • Adobe Flex
  • Action Script
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Adobe Animate
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