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Business Needs

Understanding your business needs, one solution at a time.

Online Web and Mobile App Solution For Farm

Defining The Problem

We have an itch to do deep research about the problem.
  • The goal is to strengthen the connection between farming and food.
  • Consumers are becoming more aware and are demanding more information about what they consume.
  • This requires enhancing the overall process of food production and distribution.
  • The aim is to provide consumers with every little detail about their food.
Online Web and Mobile App Solution For Farm Management

Understanding The Need

Our versatile portfolio makes this easy for us.
  • The goal is to develop a cloud-based web and mobile application solution.
  • The solution will have a multifold approach, including real-time digital tracking for livestock, improved stock inventory and feed management, and elimination of paper forms.
  • The digital details for livestock will include information such as birthdate, weight, genetics, physical location, diet, vaccinations, and drenches.
  • The objective is to create a comprehensive solution to address the problem at hand.

What Zealous Proposed ?

Research. Understood. Proposed.

Holistic Solution

Holistic Solution

A web and mobile app which strengthens the process of farming and food.

Digitize The Traditional

From paper forms to managing livestock and inventory digitally.

No Barriers

No Internet or Low Connectivity, application runs smoothly.

The Journey

  • Client Briefing 1


    Breaking down the functional components of the project into phases, following an agile and iterative methodology.

  • Document of scope 2


    Consistent planning of the subsequent phases, and a fixed set of deliverables in each phase.

  • Wireframe development 3

    Client's Vision

    Prioritizing the ever- evolving deliverables according to the client’s vision of business.

  • Wearable Device App 4


    Total involvement of the client at each and every stage of the development; reflecting full transparency and acceptance of suggestions and opinions.

  • System Testing 5

    Iterative Development

    Continuously improving and refining the solution based on client feedback and user testing.

The fight was tough but so fun to crack!

We had to start from scratch as there was no prior development in the farming and food management sector. This meant relying solely on our own experiences and knowledge.
  • The project involved developing an online web and mobile application solution for farming and food management with no prior significant development made in the sector.
  • The development required in-depth analysis of requirements and knowledge of the industry stakeholders such as farmers, producers, abattoirs, and veterinarians.
  • Digitizing the National Vendor Declaration to the electronic National Vendor Declaration was a challenging task, while keeping in mind the regulations set by MLA and NLIS.
  • The project required maintaining standards, transparency, and permissions from government bodies to adhere to the regulations set by MLA and NLIS

What We Delivered

From nothing to a star!


Client can now geo-fence the farms by mapping Paddock, Zone & Yard using GPS or RFID to define geo-graphical boundaries of the property.

Multiple Digital Entries

Client can digitally create unlimited number of eNVDs for cattle, sheep and goat movements from one property to another.

Integration With RFID Scanning Devices

This feature helps to transmit the information via Bluetooth and SYNC data received on cloud, from any mobile to web and vice versa.

Auto Synchronisation With NLIS, MLA And LPA Database

This feature helps to sync the eNVDs automatically with the governing bodies including NLIS, MLA, and LPA.

Standard And Fully Customizable Farm Management Report Builder

Client can now get detailed insights with authentic and accurate data to increase farm productivity

Manage Animal Treatments And Access To Lifetime Animal Records & Traceability

This feature allows client to easily manage each animal's treatment history as well as also check their status staring from birth till death.

Technology Stack

Core Java
Core Java
Objective C
MVC .Net

System Workflow

Farm management workflow

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Clutch Goodfirms

I have used Zealous for several of my projects, I have found the team to be very professional yet personable. When I work with Zealous, I know I am getting the best developers who understand my requirements before they start.

Andrew Arlington

Andrew Arlington

Sales Director at Digital Dilemma

I was retained by a client as a Software and Cloud Architect to support internal and customer-facing products. The client had existing mobile apps of poor quality built by another provider.

John Bentley

john bentley, II

CTO at 10XTS

From day-1 Pranjal and his team have been very good at delivering quality work on time to budget. They are dynamic, if resources need to be shuffled around depending on what work needs to be done.

Graham Bradford

Graham Bradford

Senior Product Manager at Ecentric Payment Systems Driving
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