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Business Requirements

What was the Problem?

To strengthen the connection between farming and food and overall, the whole process, as consumers have become aware, and demand every little detail about what they consume

And What was the Need?

To develop a cloud-based web and mobile application solution which will target the problem with a multifold approach –

Digital tracking in real-time for the livestock; eliminating the paper forms

Improved Stock Inventory and Feed Management.

Incorporate details for livestock digitally – birthdate, weight, genetics, physical location, diet, vaccinations, and drenches

What Zealous Proposed?

Holistic Solution

A web and mobile app which strengthens the process of farming and food

Digitize the Traditional

From paper forms to managing livestock and inventory digitally

No Barriers

No Internet or Low Connectivity, application runs smoothly

The Journey

  • Breaking down the functional components into phases
  • Consistent planning and fixed deliverables
  • Prioritizing according to the client’s vision
  • Total involvement of the client in the development

A Tough Fight

What good is a job without some ups and downs?

With no prior and significant development made in the farming and food management sector here, we had no references or experiences to draw inferences from except our own’s!

We had to develop an online web and mobile application solution, which itself involves in-depth analysis of requirements and knowledge of the industry and its stakeholders – farmers, producers, abattoirs (slaughter houses), and veterinarians (animal doctors).

If this wasn’t enough, digitalizing the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) to electronic National Vendor Declaration (NVD), along with maintaining standards, transparency, and permissions from government bodies was a different task altogether; keeping in mind the regulations set by MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) and NLIS (National Livestock Integrity System).

From Flaws to Features


Client can now geo-fence the farms by mapping Paddock, Zone & Yard using GPS or RFID to define geo-graphical boundaries of the property.


Client can now get detailed insights with authentic and accurate data to increase farm productivity.

Create eNVD

Client can digitally create unlimited number of eNVDs for cattle, sheep and goat movements from one property to another.

Create eNVD

System Workflow

  • UI / View
  • Rest
  • Business logic layer
  • Database

Technology Stack

  • Core Java
  • Objective C
  • C#
  • .NET(MVC)
  • AngularJS 1
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