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Business Requirements

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    Unorganised Market

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    Manual Process

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What was the Problem?

The client was an Australian appreneur and he identified a market gap in the Funeral Bookings business. Funerals are a delicate subject and there are a lot of things that must be taken care of in times when there is a death in the family. But, there were no such platforms available where consumers can search and compare the services provided by the Funeral Management Vendors and thus, the customers had to settle for whatever they heard from their peers. Also, the vendors also did not have access to any platform where they could carry out various Funeral related tasks on behalf of the customers.

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    Mobile and Web
    Platform Development

And What was the Need?

The client wanted to address to the above mentioned market gap and required a Digital Platform that functions as a Funeral Bookings marketplace for the Australian citizens and he also wanted to introduce modules and functionalities in the platform that makes it an ideal Funeral Management Platform that facilitates vendors to carry out all the essential tasks related to the Funerals. Client basically required a one stop solution platform that caters all the requirements of the customers and vendors.

What Zealous Proposed?

Funeral Management Web and Mobile Platform

Funeral Management Web and Mobile Platform

To cater to this unorganised market, we proposed a Web and Mobile platform that can be used by both the customers and vendors for effective Funeral Bookings and Task Management.

Advisory Platform


Not only can customers book vendors for funerals, they can get all the necessary advice of what needs to be done when someone dies in family.

Comparison and Personalisation platform

Comparison and Personalisation platform

The platform will not only allow customers to compare rates and services provided by different vendors, they can also curate their own customised package.

The Journey

A Tough Fight

The bigger the scale, the higher the Technical proficiency required

Since the client wished to make this Digital Platform a one stop solution for all the Funeral Management needs, the biggest challenge was the design appropriate Information Architecture of the whole platform. Apart from that, the client also wanted to integrate various other entities and payment methods into the system to provide various financial options and aid required to the customer.

To solve this problem, Zealous conducted in-depth market research and also deployed a team of Technical Experts to determine the Technology to be used that can not only make sure that the integrations of various entities was seamless, but also ensures that the users did not face any hindrances in searching the service that they seek to employ.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • Laravel apps
  • mySql
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