Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client realised that there is no digitalisation of education system in South Africa and that it was a huge opportunity that could be explored. But being a prominent figure in Education it was also understood that a standard LMS that is based on merit and grades would not work for the South African Education system. The reason behind that was that students in Africa are not only assessed on their grades or merit, but also on other specific criteria outcomes that were specified for each course.

What was the Need?

Client was aware of the opportunity that Digitisation of Education System would provide but the LMS that would work for the Africa’s Education System must be customised! Hence, Client contacted Zealous with the requirement of a web application that would be provided in the open market by the client as a Learning Management System (LMS) to the Education Institutes of South Africa. The application would allow institutes to integrate their courses, would allow students to take and complete their courses online and would enable assessors to assess the sessions taken by the students.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

A technical challenge is just a gateway towards innovation

Since each course had different criteria apart from grades that need to be assessed, the biggest problem that was faced was to determine how the system will identify the criteria that assessors need to consider while doing the assessment of the sessions.

To solve this problem, our team of expert developers suggested our clients to register all the possible criteria into the system and then when the sessions are to be assigned to the assessor, the training providers can select the criteria that need to be considered by the assessor. This process enabled client to make the LMS truly customised.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow


Technology Stack

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  • Mysql
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