Business Requirements

Manual Sales & Operations Manual sale
Lack Of Automation Lack of auto
Lack Of Business Insights Lack of buso

What was the Problem?

The client had a business of selling assembled and customized laptops and desktops in Singapore. The business sales, inventory and management were handled manually and in a traditional way without any software or automation capabilities. This resulted in human errors, lack of clarity and there were no ways decision makers were able to understand the efficiency of their operations. Also, since there was no feasible data to process, decision makers had to rely on intuition and they couldn’t make informed decisions.

What was the Need?

With the increasing business and increasing customer footfall, client understood that they have to digitise their business processes in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business. Also, they required data analytics capabilities to make informed decisions. Thus, they contacted Zealous and asked us to develop a personalised Sales and Inventory Management System with data and analytics capabilities. The goal was to integrate all the business operations and create a seamless digital ecosystem that helped our client in better managing their business and gain valuable business insights.

Sales Management Salesman
Inventory Digitalization Insveorg
Reports And Analytics Repost

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

The biggest challenge for us was the understanding of the business needs and creating a seamless integrated system. Since there were multiple user interfaces and different departments involved, it was essential to create features and functionalities that were personalized for the department and yet connect all these modules into a seamless digital ecosystem that connects and integrated all the departments.

Our business development executives understood the entire business processes and operations cycle, created detailed lists of functions and services carried out by each department and understood their interdependencies. Then, the entire technology architecture was prepared with the help of consultants and the team of developers were assigned tasks as milestones.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

System flow

Technology Stack

  • Laravel
  • Mysql
    My SQL

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