Business Requirements

Manual Redressal Handling Manual adress
Lack Of Digitization lockoforg
Lack Of Supervision Lack of up

What was the Problem?

The client had a business of selling assembled and customized laptops and desktops in Singapore. The client had a busy service station where they experienced long queue and often client faced queue mismanagement issues. Also, it was difficult for the organization to keep accurate data of customers that came in for service and issues. Thus, client required a digital KIOSK that can help them digitise the entire process and help receptionists in better managing the customers.

What was the Need?

With the increasing business and increasing customer footfall, client understood that they have to digitise their customer service process in order to avoid queue mismanagement issues and rising administrative costs. They contacted Zealous and asked us to develop a digital Kiosk system that would integrate end-users, receptionists and supervising administrators. The system would digitise the whole process and would help receptionists in better managing the walk-in customers.

Digital Data Entry Ditialdat
Lack Of Digitization Lockoforg
Call To Action For Receptionists Call to action

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Bigger problems often have simpler solutions

The biggest challenge for us was the understanding of the business needs. Since the kiosk was customized for the store, our developers had to thoroughly understand the customer needs and many other such aspects of the business to make the system all inclusive.

Our business development executives understood the entire service process cycle, created detailed lists of functions and services provided to the customers and identified additional services that can be integrated into the system and then coordinated with the team of developers to create a seamless and all-inclusive system.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

System workflow

Technology Stack

  • Laravel
  • Mysql
    My SQL

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