Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client had identified a pain point in the Machine Parts Supplier market of the USA. Client observed that the industrial machine manufacturers that required various machine parts had to follow a lengthy process to identify, contact and get personalised quotations from Machine Parts suppliers. While each supplier took their own time in sending the quotation, there also existed a problem that there was no standard format of quotations and also the comparison of quotations was done manually by the customers.

What was the Need?

Based on the pain points identified, client wanted to develop an online platform that would allow Customers to search Machine Part suppliers based on the parts that they required and request for a quotation from available suppliers. Client also needed a bidding platform for suppliers where they could analyse and submit a quote for all the requirements mentioned by the client. An additional requirement was to establish a commission based business model so that the client can earn from each transactions and he also wanted a priority based bidding processes for the repeat customers.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Experience and Expertise leads to simplified Solutions of Complex Problems

To make the platform airtight, it was decided that the names and information regarding the customers and suppliers will not be revealed till the time a quotation is finalised by the customer. Because of this, the biggest challenge was to determine the payment flow of the whole transaction. Also, since the suppliers didn’t know who the customers were, it was essential that they could trust the platform when they bid for a customer’s quote.

To solve the problem, we at Zealous proposed that the customers will first have to make the complete payment to the Platform and once the quotation is finalised and transaction completed, the platform will then transfer the payment to the supplier after deducting their fee from the transaction. This way the whole process was made airtight and trust was established between the customers and the suppliers.

From Flaws to Features

  • Quote Requests

    The customers can use the platform to request quotes from different suppliers.

  • Bid Quote

    The suppliers can analyse the quote and bid on the quote with their best offers.

  • Quote Review

    The platform allowed customers to easily review and compare all the bids that were made by the suppliers.

  • No Subscription

    Customers do not have to pay any subscription amount for using the system.

  • Upload Documents

    Customers must upload supporting documents while requesting for a quote.

  • Award or Reject Quotes

    Customer will have an option to award or reject the quotes which are given by the shops.

  • Re- Ordering

    Both customer and shop will be able to re-order the order which they have made in the past from this system.

  • Consecutive Failures

    If a shop fails to submit a quotation consecutively 10 times, then the system will automatically remove that shop from the system.

  • Notification

    If the customer approves or rejects the bid, then the shop will be notified.

  • Verification

    The system must verify all the documents which are uploaded such as ISO and other certificates.

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

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    MVC .Net
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  • Clutch
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Google Agency Partner
  • D & B Partner
  • Adobe Solutions