Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client had designed a chip, to be fitted into JCB engines; the function of it being to transmit data in voltages to the client’s server. The pain-point was the manual job; meaning – data gathered by the chip had to be manually processed in excel. A tedious and time-consuming job!

What was the Need?

To develop and design a website which could process the data automatically and derive data from voltage using formulas, converting it into readable information. Adding to this, the client also needed a full-access dashboard on the website wherein the customers could see the machine data directly.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

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Creation of detailed document inclusive of all development process, sprint details, and technologies.

Location 1

Integration of IoT in the chip, inviting in-depth discussions with the client.

Location 2

A third-party solution, Sockets.IO was incorporated to enable real-time communication between device and our web application.

Location 3

Scope of the project being known, functional components and deliverables were in sync, resulting in a bug-free solution.

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A Tough Fight

Difficult roads lead to a bug-free and seamless solution!!

Since the client wanted to update data in real-time, it seemed difficult at first to incorporate the functionality with required abilities.Our project manager researched in-depth, and came up to the surface with the just solution – Sockets.IO & node.js, through which we successfully enabled real-time bi-directional communication.

It was also a sheer challenge to integrate MS Office into the web application. Applying all our mental might, we overcame this by using various specific Python Libraries to integrate the collection of modules for advanced Windows-specific support, which was required for using the MS Office features.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • node js development
    Node .JS
  • python development
  • sockets

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