Business Requirements

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Online Exams during pandemic Online exam
Lack of Secure system Lack of secure
Lack metacognition level study Document

What was the Problem?

The client realised that while there were many LMS and education based applications present in the market, institutes did not have a digital platform where they could conduct online exams of the students. Due to the global pandemic and the impositions of lockdown in the Canada, it became impossible for educational institutes to conduct offline exams and thus, client saw this opportunity and thought of creating an online platform where institutes can conduct online exams and also assess the students’ performance.

What was the Need?

With the clear pain point the market and the opportunity of serving various institutes and schools with a digital platform to conduct secure and user-friendly online exams; client contacted us with the requirement of a web application to fill the market gap. Client wanted us to create an online portal that he could provide to the open market and make fortune from one of a kind solution. The platform would have three types of users namely Admin (client), institute user and students. Apart from that, the system would provide test creation, assessment and reporting modules.

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Online exams platform online examplus
All-inclusive platform All in splat
Course Specific Assessments Cropec

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Conventional challenges are mere business opportunities in the virtual world

Since the online portal was one of a kind, system process was full of challenges. Right from creating an analytical system with inclusion of student’s metacognition level assessment to implementation of Bloom’s taxonomy to inclusion of different types of question layouts and formats, the team had to work on multiple challenges simultaneously.

By understanding the client requirements better and establishing a centre of excellence to understand and implement each feature, our developers took a collaborative approach in developing this unique and all-inclusive online exam assessment portal.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • php
  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap icon
  • My sql
    My SQL
  • aspnet
    ASP.Net Core 2.x

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