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React Native App Development Company

“Create mobile apps that your users will love, faster than ever before with React Native.”

As a leading React Native app development company, we specialize in designing and developing React Native applications from the scratch or integrating the framework into your existing app. Our goal is to accelerate your app delivery while keeping costs under control. As a reputable React Native development service provider, we can deliver  and highly competitive mobile app development services customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Our React Native development services offer complete solutions for all your mobile app development requirements. We manage every phase of the process, from the initial concept to the final deployment, with full attention to detail. Whether you’re aiming to create a new app or improve an existing one, our team is dedicated to helping you reach your objectives.

If you’re looking to hire React Native developers, Zealous System offers access to a pool of highly skilled professionals. Our developers are adept at creating high-quality, efficient applications with React Native’s powerful framework. Whether you need a single developer or an entire team, we provide the expertise necessary to drive your project to success.

Our React Native app developers have a lot of experience and know-how. They use React Native’s tools and features to build apps that are full of useful functions and provide a great user experience. By focusing on clear coding, smart development practices, and staying updated with mobile app trends, our team makes sure your app stands out.

Our React Native App Development Services

“Our expert fingers take no time in crafting top-notch web apps!”

React Native Consulting

  • Our React Native consultants provide expert guidance to simplify your app development process, making sure your project uses the latest industry best practices and technologies.
  • We customize our React Native app development consulting services to fit your specific needs, whether you’re starting a new project or looking to optimize an existing app, to help you achieve your business goals effectively.
  • You will get valuable insights into mobile app trends, performance optimization, and user experience improvement, as our consultants work closely with you to build a strategy that maximizes your app’s potential.
React Native UI/UX Design

React Native UI/UX Design

  • Our React Native UI/UX design team designs visually appealing and intuitive interfaces customized to your users’ needs, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
  • We use React Native’s component-based architecture and responsive design techniques to ensure your app’s UI performs consistently across both iOS and Android platforms, maintaining a unified experience.
  • By implementing performance optimization strategies such as lazy loading, code splitting, and efficient state management with Redux or Context API, we enhance your app’s speed and responsiveness, contributing to a smoother user experience.
React Native App Development

React Native App Development

  • Our React Native app developers are skilled in JavaScript and the React Native framework. They use advanced tools like Redux for managing app data and Expo for streamlined development, ensuring they build strong and scalable apps.
  • We design and build React Native applications customized to your business requirements, integrating native modules and third-party APIs to improve functionality and ensure seamless performance across iOS and Android platforms.
  • By leveraging React Native’s component-based architecture and modern development practices, such as hot reloading and modular coding, we deliver high-performance apps with a smooth user experience and rapid iteration capabilities.
React Native Integration Services

React Native Integration Services

  • We ensure smooth integration of React Native with your existing systems and third-party APIs, utilizing libraries like Redux and middleware for efficient state management and data flow.
  • Our React Native app developers use advanced performance optimization techniques, such as code splitting, lazy loading, and native modules, to enhance React Native apps’ responsiveness and speed.
  • We build bespoke integration solutions using tools like React Navigation for seamless transitions and custom bridges to connect with native code, ensuring that the app meets your specific business requirements and technical standards.
React Native Migration Services

React Native Migration Services

  • We handle the transition from your existing app to React Native with precision, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining your app’s core functionalities while integrating React Native’s component-based architecture and native modules.
  • Our migration process involves optimizing your app using React Native’s performance-enhancing features, such as efficient rendering with virtual DOM and using native code integration for improved speed and responsiveness.
  • With in-depth knowledge of React Native’s ecosystem, we provide full support during migration. Our React Native app developers address technical challenges such as code refactoring, integration with native modules, and API compatibility to ensure a robust and scalable app.

React Native Maintenance and Support

  • Our React Native app development services include real-time monitoring using tools like Sentry and LogRocket to detect and address performance bottlenecks and bugs promptly, ensuring seamless app functionality.
  • We keep your app up-to-date with the latest React Native releases, security patches, and performance improvements, so it remains compatible with new devices and operating systems.
  • Our team provides targeted support, including profiling with tools like React DevTools and Flipper to optimize performance, fix memory leaks, and refine UI responsiveness, ensuring your app remains robust and user-friendly.
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Process We Follow As a React Native App Development Agency

“We don’t dive into unnecessary complexities.”


Scope Analysis Process

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Detailed Scope Documentation
  • Wireframes
  • Technical Feasibility

Sprint Planning & Execution

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Standup Meeting
  • Designing & Development
  • Testing & Stage/Dev Deployment

UAT & Release

  • UAT Feedback & Bug Resolution
  • Deliver Well-crafted software
  • Deploy All Assets and Code


  • Knowledge Transfer to Client Team
  • Contract Based Support
  • Release Notes/User Manuals (If applicable)

Trusted React Native App Development Company for Industry Owners

We are here to serve you with top-notch custom React Native application development services to get your business going.

Why Zealous for React Native App Development?

“We don’t boast but our results say so!”

Domain Experience

You can also opt to outsource react native app development services that caters in the specific industry/domain to ensure effective problem-solving and decision-making.

Functional Experts

Zealous has individuals with specialized knowledge in specific areas such as marketing, finance, or human resources who can bring value and expertise to the project.

Truly Agile

Adopting agile methodologies allows for flexibility, adaptation, and continuous improvement throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Latest Technologies and High Standards

Zealous incorporates the latest technologies and adhering to high standards ensure that the project is innovative, efficient, and effective.

Integrity & Transparency

We uphold ethical principles and are transparent in all communications and actions which builds trust and strengthens relationships between team members and stakeholders.

Extensive QA Testing

Rigorous testing throughout the development process to ensure that the project is error-free, functional, and meets the expected standards.

Real-time Communication

Effective communication, whether in-person or virtually, takes place to ensure collaboration, problem-solving, and timely decision-making.

Goal-Oriented Workflow

We establish clear goals, objectives, and timelines for each phase of the project which helps in ensuring that the team stays on track and delivers results on time and within budget.

Our Portfolio

"We are very proud of our diverse portfolio and the projects that our experts have created!"

Instant school
Instant School App

The Instant School App is a Mobile Platform that allows Schools to enrich relationship with their students’ parents in a few easy steps.

View Portfolio


K3 logistics
K3 Logistics

K3 Logistics is an Order Tracking app which provides a logistical tracking and monitoring system for a logistics company, where drivers and suppliers can track the progress of their orders.

View Portfolio


Digital wallet app
Digital Wallet App

Developed for one of our client in Middle East, digital wallet app is a new and convenient way to transfer money domestically as well as internationally, pay at authorized shops, and pay basic bills.

View Portfolio


Sonic tonic app
Sonic Tonic App

Sonic Tonic is an e-Health App that uses medically accepted Receptive Sound Therapy for making effective & fast interventions.

View Portfolio


AR spots finder
Ar Spots Finder

AR Spots Finder is a Mobile App that allows Visitors and Shoppers to easily locate a Brand, Product, Shop or Promotion in a Mall or at a Venue by utilizing Augmented Reality & Beacon Technology.

View Portfolio


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Client Testimonials

Clutch Goodfirms

I have used Zealous for several of my projects, I have found the team to be very professional yet personable. When I work with Zealous, I know I am getting the best developers who understand my requirements before they start.

Andrew Arlington

Andrew Arlington

Sales Director at Digital Dilemma

I was retained by a client as a Software and Cloud Architect to support internal and customer-facing products. The client had existing mobile apps of poor quality built by another provider.

John Bentley

john bentley, II

CTO at 10XTS

From day-1 Pranjal and his team have been very good at delivering quality work on time to budget. They are dynamic, if resources need to be shuffled around depending on what work needs to be done.

Graham Bradford

Graham Bradford

Senior Product Manager at Ecentric Payment Systems Driving

Frequently Asked Questions

“We built strategies before development that work just for you.”

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It allows developers to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms.

What are the benefits of using React Native for app development?

React Native offers several benefits, including faster development times, cost savings from using a single codebase, a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools, and a strong community support. It also allows for live reloading and hot reloading, which can speed up the development process.

What is the process for updating and maintaining a React Native app?

Updating and maintaining a React Native app involves regularly applying updates to the React Native framework, third-party libraries, and dependencies. It also includes monitoring app performance, fixing bugs, and addressing any issues that arise with new OS releases or devices.

How do you ensure the security of a React Native app?

Security in React Native apps is ensured through practices like using secure storage for sensitive data, implementing proper authentication and authorization, keeping libraries and dependencies up-to-date, and following best practices for secure coding and data encryption.

How experienced is Zealous System with React Native app development?

Zealous System has a team of skilled React Native developers with extensive experience in building high-quality, feature-rich applications. We utilize best practices and the latest tools to ensure your app performs well and meets your business needs.

How long does it take to develop a React Native app?

The development time for a React Native app depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the design requirements. At Zealous System, we provide a detailed timeline after understanding your specific needs and project scope.

Can you help with the migration of an existing app to React Native?

Yes, we can assist with migrating your existing app to React Native. Our team will evaluate your current app, plan the migration process, and ensure that the transition is smooth while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your app.

What kind of post-launch support do you offer?

We offer full post-launch support including bug fixes, performance optimization, and updates to keep your app running smoothly. Our maintenance services ensure that your app stays current with the latest React Native releases and performs well across all devices.

How do you ensure the quality of the React Native apps you develop?

We follow a rigorous quality assurance process that includes code reviews, automated testing, and manual testing to identify and resolve issues before the app goes live. Our focus on quality ensures a reliable and high-performance app.

What are your pricing models for React Native app development?

We offer flexible pricing models customized to your project’s needs, including fixed-price, time and materials, and dedicated team arrangements. We’ll work with you to determine the best model based on your budget and project requirements.

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