Business Requirements

Business requirement
Manual Drafting Process Draft icons1
Lack of Transparency Draft icons2
Lack of realism in existing solutions Draft icons3

What was the Problem?

The client was a sports enthusiast and had fair market knowledge of local league organisers market in the USA. Client recognised that the manual league management had a lot of problems like higher administrative cost of league organisers, biasness in player selection process and lack of effective communication and transparency with players and parents. While there were many technology solutions available in the market and while they provided centralised team management, they lacked realistic sports experience when it came to system actors like parents and players.

What was the Need?

Based on the identified market gap, client wanted sports league management software that can not only provide digitised and centralised team management, but can also create a realistic player selection process for all the system actors such as league organiser, head coach, assistant coach, players and parents. The client also wanted the system to provide multifaceted payment and subscription options to league organisers. Thus, client contacted Zealous with need of a mobile application and a supporting website that serves as Sports Team Management Software.

Business requirement
Robust mobile application Draft icons4
Supporting website Draft icons5
Realistic Drafting Process Draft icons6

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Dynamic and Personalised Solutions require Technical Finesse

As there can be multiple leagues going on simultaneously, all head coach and the league administrator should be able to swap around the leagues.

Apart from that, client wanted to create multi-subscription model where all the system actors except of the head coach have to pay subscription to access the system. The client also wanted flexible payment solution where he has can upgrade subscription rates as and when required. To execute this, personalised Stripe or Paypal payment processes were created and integrated into the system.

From Flaws to Features

  • Draft Clock and Penalty system

    Draft clock was set where head coaches must select players in predefined time or else they would be penalised.

  • Chat options

    For effective communication, all the system actors can chat with each other.

  • Hat Picks and Trade

    Players can be traded after the draft rounds and those who are not selected will be randomly assigned.

  • Preselected Players

    Before the live draft round starts head coach has the functionality to select few players such as head coach son/daughter, assistant coach son/daughter or any other players.

  • Import Functionalities

    All the player and assistant details will be imported into the system via spreadsheet into the system before the draft round begins.

  • Export Functionalities

    Post draft rounds once all the players are selected in a team and trade is completed between the teams, then all the details will be exported again.

  • Draft Board

    List of all the players registered themselves for the leagues will be displayed in this section. System actors will be able to switch between different leagues from this section.

  • Live Board

    On predefined date and time draft rounds will begin and the head coach will start selecting the players.

System Workflow

Draft workflow

Technology Stack

  • Laravel apps
  • Kotlin app development
  • ios app development
  • Swift apps
    Swift 5
  • Good firms
  • Clutch
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Google Agency Partner
  • D & B Partner
  • Adobe Solutions