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Business Requirements

What was the Problem?

The government body was having issues maintaining the strategies’ records and transparency within the organizational structure. They needed the valuable data to be safe and secure, which would also ensure complete measurement of the performance at all levels, strategically and operationally.

  • Scattered Records
  • Less Control
  • Untracked Plans

And What was the Need?

The client needed a system through which councils could create strategy maps, which would aid them visually, also helping them communicate their organization’s objectives with the staff. Basically, the client wanted a strategic planning and organizational performance management reporting tool designed specifically for the needs of local government.

  • Organized Records
  • Full Control
  • Automated Plans

What Zealous Proposed?

Complete Solution

An application which would convert vision and strategy of the organization into performance actions and measures.

Management Tool

A tool to manage the performance at all levels, record the achievements of the strategies, and actions.

Accountable System

A simple system for the organization with an easy-to-use interface for defining and modifying their organization’s goals.

The Journey

Establishing stability in the half-developed system to achieve complete accuracy and efficiency all by agile methodology.
Creation of a step-by-step workflow including the client’s pain-points and the highlights of the discussions.
Updation of existing application whilst releasing new versions with enhanced features and functionalities.

A Tough Fight

The greater the obstacles, the more glory in overcoming it!

The client wanted to create a dashboard with interactive chart such as meter, traffic light, bar charts inside a desktop-based application. We created html pages to make it look as attractive and interactive as possible.

Creating the ‘Reports’ dashboard was a sheer challenge as it required the data as per the client’s designed structure. Since each and every end-client had different criteria, creating custom report as per the structure with very precise calculations was difficult. We achieved it nonetheless after research, brainstorming, and immaculate integration.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

Technology Stack

  • WPF
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • SQL Server 2008R2
  • Dundas Charts
  • SSRS
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