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Business Requirements

Manual Registration Process
Lack Of
Tedious & Lengthy Documentation

What was the Problem?

Our client was a consulting agency from India that helped Japanese businesses in establishing their business in India. Since the business registration process in India is lengthy and has many steps and documentation requirements, the client recognized a market gap of a digital system that can help Japanese counterparts in keeping track of their documents and also reduce the document filling process with the help of automation. The idea was to streamline the entire business registration process with automation and centralized document management system.

Centralized Document Repository

What was the Need?

Being one of the prominent consulting agencies of India, the client had issues handling the documents and keeping track of customer progress due to a large number of customer base. To decrease the administrative cost and to streamline the business registration process, client contacted Zealous with the requirement of a website that can automate the entire business registration process for their Japanese clients and acted as a centralised document repository to keep track of the customer progress and status.

What Zealous Proposed?

Customised LMS

User-friendly website

We suggested a customised, multilingual and personalised website that acted as a mediator between our clients and their Japanese end customers and automated the 7 steps of business registration.

Verified Registrations

Dynamic Role management

Since the end customers were Japanese enterprises that had multiple people working on the process at different levels, we suggested a dynamic role management system to assign roles.

Role Definition

Centralized document storage

The system would allow end users to upload documents on the website and the system will store and categorise the documents on a centralized server.

The Journey

A Tough Fight

Bigger problems often have simpler solutions

One of the biggest challenges for our experts was the gathering of accurate requirements as the client was of Japanese origin and we had a language barrier. Apart from that, automating the document creation process required technical expertise as the requirement was unique and new.

To solve this problem, our team of expert business development professionals and solution consultants visited the client site and undertook various brainstorming and brief meetings for accurate technical requirement gathering and to understand the business process. Based on that, a unique automation process was designed along with multilingual support and a centralized data management system.

From Flaws to Features

Process Elaboration

To Make End Users Understand The Registration Process, It Was Divided In 7 Steps And Illustrated.

Role Assignment

End Users Can Assign General And Business User Roles To Their Employees And Associates.


Admin Can Review The Forms And Provide Detailed Reviews And Status To The End Users.

Centralized Document Repository

Once the documents were approved by the Admin, end users can download and access the documents.

Access To Forms

End Users Were Enabled With Various Registration Forms Right On The Website.

Document Uploads

End Users Can Fill The Forms On The Platform And Submit For Review To The Admin.

Multiple Business Registration

End-Users Register All Their Businesses Under The Same Account.

Automated Form Fill-Up

End-Users And Admin Can Fill Information On Website And They Would Be Automatically Filled Into Documents.

System Workflow

Technology Stack

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • Bootstrap
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