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Business Requirements

Lack of digital
No access to local farmers
Creating a global network

What was the Problem?

South Africa is home to some of the best agriculture produces and enterprises from around the world trying to get access to the produce of the nation. While international enterprises have access to the South African markets and merchants, client saw that there were no platforms from which the local farmers could directly connect with these enterprises as well as local traders.

Marketplace for farmers and traders
Complete agriculture ecosystem
Domain specific UX and functions

What was the Need?

To ensure that the Agriculture domain of Angola gained traction from the world traders, client wanted to create an online marketplace that can give farmers and traders a secure platform to trade. With a long list of pain points identified, client wanted to create a platform where farmers can find all the relevant services from the platform. With this vision, client connected with Zealous System to create a web platform where farmers can not only trade their local produce with the traders and vice versa, but the farmers can also get farming equipments and raw materials, get financial services and legal advice from verified service providers and create an all inclusive digital platform.

What Zealous Proposed?

Agriculture marketplace

With domain specific processes and user specific features, Zealous proposed a digital marketplace where farmers and traders can connect with each other.

Quotation based trades

To establish a genuine trade and a negotiation platform, we suggested that trades were finalized based on the quotations placed by farmers or traders with each other.

User and role management

For enterprises that wanted to list their resources on the platform, we suggested a sub user system that can define roles and provide access control capabilities for the same.

The Journey

  • 01 Client Briefing

    Client had a huge scope for the project and our team conducted several meetings to understand and gather requirements.

  • 02 Document of Scope

    After understanding the business scenario, a detailed scope document was prepared where all the requirements were defined as features.

  • 03 Wireframe development

    To help client envision their marketplace, various wireframes of designs and features were provided to the client.

  • 04 Design & Development

    Based on the approved wireframe designs, a user-friendly Agriculture Marketplace was designed and developed for the client.

  • 05 System Testing

    Before deploying the application on client server, our team conducted QA testing and helped client with UAT.

A Tough Fight

Business understanding gives you a competitive edge

The client was a non-technical person and he only had the pain points in consideration for the platform. Thus, not only was the scope of the project undefined, but it was also huge as client had an entire e-commerce platform like features in mind. Along with that, to make the platform truly all inclusive, there were also a few third-party software solutions that clients wanted to integrate into the system. To ensure that the client had a clear vision of the project well before the execution, we helped the client in making informed decisions by converting requirements into well-defined features and then creating detailed wireframes of all the features and functions. With this process not only did our experts helped our client in envisioning and planning the application, but they also conducted the technical feasibility of the project for the client and helped him in effectively planning his agriculture marketplace.

From Flaws to Features

User registration

Users such as farmers, traders and service providers can create their own profile and list their products.

Trade quotations

Farmers can ask for quotations for their listed produce from different traders to form an open market.

Sub-user creation

Enterprises can also create sub-user profiles with defined access control to onboard their employees.

Harvest monitoring system

To help farmers and traders, a third party harvest monitoring system was integrated into the system.

Inventory management

System provided flawless management of stock and ability to set stock refill level for seamless trading.

All inclusive services

Farmers can also get farm equipments, legal services as well as insurances from the platform.

Profile marking

Users can mark different profiles as their favourites for quicker access and streamlined repurchases.

Administrator roles

The Admin can manage end user profiles and entire system with a dedicated web based panel.

Trade dynamics

Farmers and traders can both setup convenient day and time of produce pick-up from the system.

Analytical reports

Every user can generate their own reports based on the products and services they have listed.

System Workflow

  • Farmer
    • Onboarding
    • Sell farm productions
    • Buy & Rent products, equipment and services
    • Get finance and legal help
  • Seller / Service Provider
    • Onboarding
    • Sell farm goods & equipment
    • Provide rental equipment & farming services
    • Get finance and legal help
  • Buyer
    • Onboarding
    • Buy & Rent products, equipment and services
    • Get finance and legal help
  • Finance & Legal Company
    • Onboarding
    • Create company profile
    • Upload finance and legal service details

Technology Stack

  • Html
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • My sql
    My SQL
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