Business Requirements

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No Records No record
Untracked Performance Untracked perfomance
No Market Insight Data11

What was the Problem?

The client identified a problem that the hospitals are facing, which is analyzing clinical and financial data to find improvement opportunities. Simply put, hospitals couldn’t figure out which doctor was performing better & generating more revenue than the others, and which doctor was underproductive & generating revenue below the average.

What was the Need?

The client needed a system through which hospitals can easily track, analyze, and find out underperforming & under-profitable doctors and showcase best practices to drive profitability.

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Organized Records Organized records
Performance Tracking Perfomance tracking
Predictive Analysis Predictive analysis

What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

A Tough Fight

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.

The system being developed was conceptually new in the market and it took a lot of analysis from our end on topics such as which aspects of performance to target, how to measure attainment, how to set targets, whether to offer incentives at the individual or group level, how to gauge progress for different practice patterns and Security.

The system basically involves providing analytical reports of doctors on the basis of comparison within and outside their hospitals. So, the process of converting the data in a general format for performing similar statistical operations was a bit tough and required a lot of efforts.

To tackle this, our team developed the logic after a lot of brainstorming and this resulted in the development of such system providing optimized results.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • CodeIgniter
  • mysql
  • High Chart
    Highcharts JS
  • Html

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