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Business Requirements

Business requirements
  • Manual process

    Manual Process

  • High administrative cost

    High Administrative

  • Immense time consumption

    Immense Time

What was the Problem?

The client already had a website platform that they were using to educate their prospect clients about all their services and it was also used as a communication gateway by the clients to solve their queries and to get answers to the questions regarding the business. The problem that they faced was that all the queries and questions raised by the clients were handled manually by a team of professionals. And due to the high traffic on the website, the client had to bear high administrative cost and it also consumed a lot of time which ultimately affected the profitability and productivity of the business.

What was the problem
  • Request handling solution

    Request handling

  • Reduced response time

    Reduced response

  • Reduced admin cost

    Reduced admin cost

And What was the Need?

To solve their problem, the client tasked experts of Zealous System to analyse their business process and present a solution that would not only reduce the manual efforts of the administrative team, but would also improve the overall productivity of the business and also increase the quality of customer communication and service.

What Zealous Proposed?

Autonomous Chatbot

To handle queries of the clients, Zealous proposed an autonomous Chatbot for the website that would enable automation and eliminate human interaction.

AI Enabled

Also, to improve the customer service, team would enable AI into the Chatbot to improve the service over time.

Backup and Offline Access

A tool to identify low performing doctors with details like cost, productivity, & revenue & provide insights for improvements.

The Journey

CoE Contributions

A team of expert technicians and BA understood the business processes and client requirements

CoE contributions

Chatbot Logic Development

Dialogue engine was developed with NLP to understand and interpret client requirements

Chatbot Logic Development

Custom Database Development

A simple and custom database was created to store and manage user data

Custom database development

Testing and Deployment

After thorough testing of the Chatbot, the system was integrated into the current website

Testing and deployment

Explanatory Training Sessions

Our team also provided training sessions to the administrative team to make the system independent.

Explanatory training sessions

A Tough Fight

Every Challenge can be tackled with logic, technical expertise and entrepreneurial mindset

The client was into legal services and the firm catered various types of services to their clients. Thus, the most challenging part of the project was to define all the possible scenarios that a client might create for their queries. Not only that, we had to create a logic based on those scenarios that would accurately help the system to analyse the keywords and present correct information to the client.

Apart from that, we also had to define the database for the Chatbot to make it Artificially Intelligent and that was a challenge in its own. Also, the Chatbot must ask category specific questions to the clients to better understand their requirement.

But, our experts Developers with the help of client inputs and aid from our business analysts undertook few brainstorming sessions and overcame all the challenges with flying colours.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

System workflow

Technology Stack

  • Code igniter
  • mysql 55
  • Bot definition database
    Bot definition Database
  • Dialogue engine
    Dialogue Engine
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