Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client is a prestigious Educational University of New Zealand who have their own E-learning System personalised for them right from the early time of commencement. They have been using the same E-learning System for generating reports and results of the Student’s data. Because of no updates in the system and due to the limitations of the Legacy System, the reporting module of the E-learning System had become really slow, it had very few customisation options and the legacy system also lacked basic filtering options to curate the available data.

What was the Need?

The client and their staff faced many hurdles due to the slow loading and few to none customisation option of the Reports. Because of the limitations of the legacy system and their increasing needs with passing time, client required complete re-engineering of the Reporting Module with Rich User Experience, elaborated Filter options, customised Dashboard reports and reduction in Loading Time.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

  • Client Visit

    A Senior Professional visited the client’s premise for couple of weeks to understand their process and requirements.

  • Wireframes and Mockups

    Since it was complete re-engineering of the Reporting module, a mockup and wireframe of the proposed system was prepared for the client to approve before the actual development.

  • Periodic Testing

    We also catered our Client periodic testing regime on each stage of development.

  • Documentation

    Based on the requirements gathered during client visit and Skype meetings, an entire document of scope and requirement understanding was prepared.

  • Agile Development

    Based on the Scope of document and the mockup designs, the actual development of the Reporting Module was commenced.

A Tough Fight

Where there is a will, there is a Gateway!

The biggest challenge that our Developers faced was in understanding the Data Flow of the system and there also was the need of due diligence to understand the importance of each field and their relevance in reporting. Also due to the system’s massive database, our team was challenged with the problem of slow loading time of reports and they also had to redesign the compromised user experience of Data Presentation.

To solve this problem, our team of experts at Zealous had to apply various quick data loading methodologies and dedicate a good amount of time and valiant efforts in creating a data flow that helped the client in cutting down the loading time. We also managed to curate the database to solve the glitches that were present by thoroughly optimising the Database.

From Flaws to Features

  • Personalised Dashboard

    Users were empowered with complete customisation options to create their personal dashboard reports.

  • In-data Search

    Users were enabled to search for specific content from the reports pages in single search click.

  • Print Friendly Report

    The Reports come with a Print Shortcut and are designed to adapt the ideal printing formats of the University.

  • Draggable & Resizable Widgets, Auto-Saving Preferences of User Dashboard

    All the widgets of Dashboard reports are draggable, resizable and filterable. It auto saves the preferences/choices made by the user and opens the same when the user launches the Dashboard next time.

  • Multiple Export options

    Reports can be exported to various different types of formats such as Excel, PDF and Word.

  • Dynamic Report Generation

    Users can generate reports of his choice just by following easy steps.

  • Report view based on the Access Rights Management

    It’s the system owner who decides “Who can Access” which report and “What data they can access” in particular report. All reports are managed by Role based Access Management approach.

  • Smooth and Light Experience

    Though data is in bulk, the report viewer will load it in a few seconds. Users will experience very smooth execution of the process and on top of that data will be fetched quickly.

  • Filters Across the Report Module

    There are ample filters for user across all type of reports to get related & meaningful data only

  • Hierarchical Data Display

    To accommodate ease to viewer/user, report data is displayed group by various entities in most of reports. It helps users digest enormous data in the simplest manner.

Technology Stack

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  • typescript
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  • Angular app development
  • .net core
    ASP.Net Core 2.x
  • Sql server
    SQL Server 2016
  • Telerik reporting
    Telerik Reporting Tool
  • Good firms
  • Clutch
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Google Agency Partner
  • D & B Partner
  • Adobe Solutions