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We're not your typical IT crew

visionaries, leaders & innovators

Join a revolutionary movement that is disrupting the IT industry with industry-leading best practices, harmonious cultural values, and uncompromising standards of quality.

Team about

Meet Our Brilliant Brains Behind Zealous

Pranjal mehta Pranjal mehta

The captain of the ship who is converting every challenge into business opportunities since 2008.

Pranjal Mehta

Managing director
Raj kewlani Pranjal mehta

Disrupting the world with the help of innovative, intuitive and futuristic mobile solutions.

raj kewlani

mobile department head
Ruchir shah Pranjal mehta

A true applied scientist that architects dreams into profitable and innovative technology solutions.

Ruchir shah

microsoft department head
Sandeep shah Pranjal mehta

Illuminating the path of businesses with his in-depth and unbeatable knowledge of LAMP technologies.

sandeep shah

opensource department head
Daksha Thakkar Pranjal mehta

Aligning our resources with the vision, values and strategic goals of Zealous.

daksha thakkar

human resource department head

Meet Our Zealous Technomaniacs

Kayur shah

Keyur Shah

Microsoft Team Lead

Jagdish patel

Jagdish Patel

Microsoft Team Lead

Nisarg sanghavi

Nisarg Sanghavi

Microsoft Team Lead

Hardik gupta

Hardik Gupta

Mobile Team Lead

Sandeep shah

Juned Sabaliya

Frontend Team Lead

Shreyas sanghavi

Shreyas Sanghvi

Network and Security Lead

The Driving Force Of Zealous

Prashant suthar Prashant Suthar
Vijay Solanki Vijay Solanki
Tushar Poshiya Tushar Poshiya
Hiral Pandya Hiral Pandya
Kirit panchal Kirit Panchal
Foram patel Foram patel
Sagar shah Sagar Shah
Khushali thakkar khushali Thakkar
Kishan soni Kishan Soni
Meet ladani Meet Ladani
Chirag Solanki Chirag Solanki
Dhaval soni Dhaval Soni
Mayank pethani Mayank Pethani
Vaibhav barochia Vaibhav Barochia
Rahul choyal Rahul Choyal
Hitesh devaiya Hitesh Devaiya
Satish lakhariya Mohit Panchal
Jaydeep Gohel Jaydeep Gohel
Sunali jogsun Sunali Jogsun
Prakash yadav Prakash Yadav
Faiz nagori Faiz Nagori
Krutika trivedi Krutika Trivedi
Madhav rajpara Madhav Rajpara
priya patel Riya Patel
Ravi Prajapati Ravi Prajapati
Madhav Mantri Madhav Mantri
Chirag Sen Chirag Sen
Arjun Parikh Arjun Parikh
Vidhi Soni Vidhi Soni
Kinjal Gandhi Kinjal Gandhi
Vatsal Dhupelia Vatsal Dhupelia
Pravidhi Srivastava Pravidhi Srivastava
Dhaval Thammer Dhaval Thummar
Janvi Rao Janvi Rao
Dhananjay Yadav Dhananjay Yadav
Shubham Roy Shubham Roy
Zeel Darji Zeel Darji
Sameer Kumar Sameer Kumar
Sridhar Naik Sridhar Naik

what makes us great place to work

Freedom To Make Decisions & Manage Your Time

Wonderful Collaborators, Friends, and like-minded Coworkers

Individuals Are Empowered To Grow

A Variety Of Opportunity For Leadership, Both Large & Small.

Career Great Place to Work

Provided some of the Top Benefits & Perks On The Market

Opportunity To Find The Ideal work-Life Balance

Building a great culture with a lot of passion and vision.

A Culture Of Continuous Improvement.

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