Business Requirements

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What was the Problem?

The client is a renowned Electricity Power and Gas Suppliers from Australia and they have developed DRM devices which were basically IoT based sensors. These sensors were to be installed on the customers’ electricity appliances and then various events would be created on Customer’s consent where the system would study the electricity consumption of the electricity appliances on which the DRM devices were attached. While the client had the devices, but they faced problems in developing a system required to management and monitor these DRM devices.

What was the Need?

While the client had the DRM devices, they required a system that would help them give commands to these DRM devices regarding the events that were created on Customer’s consent and the also needed a system that would record all the data that was transmitted by these DRM devices. The purpose of these events was to record the results by using a dynamic reporting system, they wanted to analyse the data to take informed decision. Also, since the customers’ consent was essential for participation in the events, they required a platform which would send automated messages to customers and also send commands to DRM devices based on the decision taken by the customers.

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What Zealous Proposed?

The Journey

Client Visit

Senior personnel of Zealous System visited the client to understand their whole system and their requirements.

Technical Consultancy

For optimum utilisation of DRM devices, our Technical Experts provided consultancy to develop technology architecture.

Scope Documentation

Based on client’s requirements and brainstorming sessions, a detailed document of scope was developed.

Agile Development

Based on the scope document, a robust web application platform was developed for the client.

UI Design

After the complete Backend development, the UI for the frontend was developed by our skilled UI Designers.

A Tough Fight

Modern Day Problems require Modern Solutions

The biggest challenge for our developers was to integrate a system that could read the data transmitted by the DRM devices and also, since the customers had to respond whether they wished to participate in the event or not, the challenge was to automate the whole process to eliminate the possibility of human errors from the whole process.

To solve this problem, our developers had to conduct an in-depth market research and various brainstorming sessions with client. After various sessions, our technical experts concluded that the Client must opt for IoT based system along with ThingsBoard integration to access the data transmitted by the DRM devices. Also, an automated messaging system with 10 min response gap was created for customers to give instructions of their acceptance or rejection of event participation to the system and the DRM devices.

From Flaws to Features

System Workflow

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Technology Stack

  • Code igniter
  • My sql
  • Thingsboat
  • AWS
    AWS IOT core
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