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Zealous Talks with Brian Childress

A Scoop Into The Software Development Trends 2024 – Podcast with Brian Childress

In this podcast, our guest, Brian Childress, a software architect, provides valuable insights into the world of software development. Tune in to the conversation and get to know what's trending in the world of software development and what you can expect down the road.

Podcast on UX Design for Emerging Technologies with Ian Ludick

Podcast on UX Design for Emerging Technologies with Ian Ludick

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we explore the fascinating world of UX Design for Emerging Technologies.

Podcast on Things to know before developing your mobile app with Sardor Akhmedov | Expert Talks #4

In this podcast, Sardor Akhmedov, a tech expert, shares his insights on what you need to know before developing your mobile app.

Shao Hang He on Zealous Talk Podcast

Podcast on Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for a Great User Experience

In this podcast episode, Shao Hang He, an expert in PWA development, discusses how to build PWAs for a great user experience.

Ken Coyne on: Why Tech Talent War is Still Existing After Massive Layoffs in 2023?

Get ready to dive into the captivating conversation that's been buzzing all around the HR realm. In this episode, we sit down with the insightful Ken Coyne to unravel a paradox that's been turning heads: Why, despite the massive layoffs that shook the job market in 2023, are we still amidst a relentless talent war?

Podcast on UIUX Designs and Their Impact on Businesses with Grzegorz, CEO of Digital Images

Podcast on UI/UX Designs and Their Impact on Businesses with Grzegorz, CEO of Digital Images

In this podcast episode, expert Grzegorz Grabczak breaks down the distinction between UX, which involves how we feel when using apps and websites, and UI, which deals with how they look.

Client Talks_Xen Hojem_website size

Integration & Challenges Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In eLearning & More With Xen Hojem, CTO At Synrgise #ClientTalks

In this episode of Zealous Talks, we have Xen Hojem, CTO at Synrgise who is working with Zealous since a lot of years now. He talks about how eLearning has developed over the period and how his business brought such ease in layman's life.

Artificial Intelligence podcast

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Everyday Life Podcast with David Roldán Martínez #ExpertTalks

In this episode of the podcast, our hosts talks about Artificial Intelligence(AI) in everyday life. We're joined by our guest API expert David Roldán Martínez, to discuss the different ways that this technology is being used to make our lives easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Nick Lanoro

Custom Management Tool for Real Estate Industry #ClientsTalks with Nick Lanaro

Welcome to "ZealousTalks". In Episode 2, we delve into the fascinating world of the real estate industry and explore the power of custom management tools with Nick Lanaro.

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More Than Just a Podcast

We’ll explore the insights of employee journeys & experiences, how we work with clients, some corporate shenanigans and numerous other breakthroughs & discoveries...

The Culture Blueprint: Crafting a Winning Company Culture

The Culture Blueprint: Crafting a Winning Company Culture

Throughout the episode, our employees will share their own experiences and insights, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Zealous' company culture so special...

Zeal Journey

Celebrating a Decade of Dedication with “Keyur Shah”

In this episode, we take a look back at the journey of "Keyur Shah" who has been with the Zealous for 10 Year...

The Client Conversation - George Yoder

The Client Conversation – George Yoder

George Yoder from the USA shared his work experience, such as how team Zealous has helped him to achieve his mission...

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