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The travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest industries around the world and the industry has many aspects that can be digitized. For instance, there are travel bookings applications to help customers book their flights, hotels, trains and others and there are personalized applications for the hospitality businesses and tourism agencies. Enterprises have also created various Travel marketplaces where customers can search and compare prices and services of different applications and then there are unique business models like Airbnb and other vacation rental services. All of these models are successful and all you need is to determine which target area and market you wish to serve.

Whether you wish to create a personalized application or you wish to create a unique travel application for an open market, we at Zealous will provide you with a perfect team of analysts and technically proficient developers that can help you create a profitable and relatable Travel Application. With wide domain experience and a proven track record, Zealous can deliver a robust and flawless Travel application in an appropriate budget and minimal timeline.

Features of Travel App Development

Travelling mobile app


  • Personalization
  • Navigation & Geolocation
  • Search And Filters
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Currency Converter
  • Travel Itinerary Generator
  • Language Translator
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Price Comparison
  • Online Booking
  • Payment Gateway
Travelling app


  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Marketing Tools
  • Report & Analytics
  • Complaint Management
  • Notification
Travel payment

Service Provider

  • Login
  • Add/Remove Service
  • Accept Booking
  • Reports And Analysis
  • Payment
  • In-Built Marketing
Travelling app


  • In-app payments
  • Agent Management System
  • Real Time Chat Integration
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Push notifications
  • GPS Based Location Services
  • Interactive scheduling
  • Language Translation
  • Currency Convertor
  • Digital Document Saver
  • Weather Integration
  • Local Emergency Services
  • SOS Services
  • Content Management Systems

How much does it actually cost to builD A Travel app similar to Airbnb or Skyscanner?

As we saw earlier there are many kinds of Travel Applications such as booking apps, travel documents management app, personalized hospitality applications, rental marketplaces, app marketplaces and many other types of applications. Apart from that, each application will have its own unique User Navigation, Application flow and innovative modules.

Thus, if an enterprise is looking for a cost of development that fits all, that would not be feasible. Instead of planning your app budget based on any such random cost, you can first determine the nature, modules and scope of your application and based on that, you can contact an ideal Travel Application development service provider to provide a personalized quotation and a realistic deadline. Also, instead of completely relying on the cost that you get, you must understand the experience of the service provider; have a look at their portfolio, the technology platform that they will use and other such factors too.

If you are looking for an experienced Technology Partner that has delivered successful travel applications and has a proven track record, click on the “Get a Quote” below and talk to our technical experts today. Our team of rare and experienced resources will help you refine your vision into a feasible Scope Document and then execute it with absolute precision.

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