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Taxi Booking App Development

When we talk about on-demand applications, the two industries that have most adopted this business model and have managed to extract optimum return on investments from it are Taxi Booking Business and Food Delivery Business. The taxi booking businesses have been digitizing their businesses not only because customers prefer the online taxi booking model, but also because the online model truly helps the entrepreneur in expanding their business with minimal cost and effort. Apart from huge savings on operational, preliminary and administrative cost savings, the Taxi Booking app also establishes complete transparency and seamless communication between customers and the business.

We at Zealous System have the pool of talented mobile app developers that understands the nitty-gritty of the Taxi Booking business and with our Technical proficiency have delivered many personalized on-demand taxi booking applications. Our customers can get end-to-end services where our Business Analysts will help you refine your taxi booking application scope, our developers will deliver a robust mobile application and our support staff will help you maintain the application.

Features Of Taxi Booking App Development

Texi booking app


  • Passenger Profile
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Ride Now
  • Schedule Ride
  • Real-Time ETA
  • Fare Estimates
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Notification Alerts
  • SOS Button
  • Driver Tracking
  • Promo Codes
  • Referral Rewards
  • Cancel Booking
  • Contact Driver
  • Ride Ratings
  • Trip History
Taxi booking app


  • Easy Registration
  • Availability Button
  • Real Time Requests
  • Accept/Reject
  • Trip Information
  • Navigation
  • Contact Passenger
  • Start/End Trip
  • Track Earnings
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Rate Customer
  • Cancel Booking
Taxi booking app


  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Drivers
  • Track Drivers
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Tariffs
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Manual Bookings
  • Heat Map
  • Manage Refunds
  • SMS Alerts Settings
  • Ride Later Settings
  • Country/Currency Settings

How much does it actually cost to build Taxi Booking App similar to Uber or Lyft?

Now when we talk about on-demand taxi booking applications, there are majorly two types of business models that are adopted. First is the model of Uber or Lyft where an entrepreneur wants to create an application that serves as a platform where customers can search for taxis and vice versa. The second is where a Taxi Booking business wishes to digitize their business and create a personalized Taxi Booking Application.

Both of these business models require personalized development services. For instance, a replica model of Uber or Lyft will not sustain the market and to succeed, the entrepreneur would have to innovate and create a unique process that helps them stand out in the market. And while developing an app for a specific taxi business, the app must align with the business process, customer expectations and goals of the business. Thus, relying on a standard Taxi app development budget is not feasible. You must get a personalized quotation based on your requirements and business model.

To create a successful Taxi Booking Application that aligns with your customer expectations and your business goals, just click on the “Get a Quote” below and talk to our technical experts today! We at Zealous will collaborate with you as a technical partner and will help you reach your goals with our technical proficiency, domain understanding and the zeal to walk the extra mile.

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