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Whether you talk about the Silicon Valley or the Unicorn club, the best way to become a giant in the Mobile App market is with a Social Media Application. But if you look at social media platforms that have made big, you will realize that all those applications have innovated the way people surf and browse content on their platform and every platform has its own set of audiences. For instance, Twitter is for aggressive and short content, Instagram is for personal content sharing and Facebook has evolved into a professional and lead generating social media platform.

Similarly, if you too wish to make a social media application that attracts maximum traction, you need to identify your target audience, introduce a unique way of surfing, create a customer-centric platform and invest a lot in innovation and marketing. We at Zealous have helped many such entrepreneurs in establishing their Social Media platform and have successfully catered end-to-end Social Media App services such as consulting, development, updates, maintenance, support and innovation.

Features of Social Media Development

Social overview


  • News Feed
  • Filters & Emojis
  • Story Sharing
  • Marketplace
  • Hashtags
  • Live Streaming
  • Activity Notification
  • Voice Recording
  • Profile Linking
  • In-app messenger
  • Photos, Videos, and Posts
  • Push Notification
Social overview


  • Analytics
  • CMS: Admin authorization
  • CMS: Admin management
  • CMS: User management
  • CMS: Reported user management
  • Membership module

How much does it actually cost to build a Social Media app similar to Facebook or Instagram?

If you have researched Social Media Applications or are at least being using one for a long time, you must have observed that although each platform has unique UX and functionalities, the market is tough and competitive and thus, it requires constant innovation and updates to keep the platform relevant to your audience. Apart from that, each application needs certain points of differences in their platform to make the platform stand out and attract a certain set of audiences towards the platform.

So, you might get an average cost to build a social media platform that is a replica of a famous application, but if you have an innovative idea and wish to make a fortune with a social media application, planning your app’s budget with an average cost in mind will become a drawback in the long run. Thus, instead of relying on some random numbers, you must collaborate with a technology partner and hire consultants who can help you plan your App’s development in phases and based on research and planning, ask for an individualized quotation from Social Media App Development Companies.

If you are looking for such a reliable technology partner that can provide comprehensive Social Media Solutions and has a pool of resources that has the required innovative mindset and technical expertise to make your platform unique, relevant and profitable, click on the “Get a Quote” and talk to our Technical Experts today!

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