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Since the IT industry is ever-evolving and ever-growing, Off-shoring or outstaffing to India has always been a popular concept amongst the IT companies from overseas. Over the time, there have been various reasons for setting up ODCs in India such as cost-effective development, availability of resources, round the clock development and others. But, setting up your own ODC also means a lot of hassle such as getting legal approvals and licenses, huge preliminary expenses, complicated tax regimes, increased accountability, cost of management and elongated establishment time! Instead of going into all that trouble, we provide our clients with an opportunity to have their own ODC with dedicated resources with Zealous as their Technology Partner.

Our ODC Offerings And Capabilities

Zealous is a renowned IT service provider company with a proven track record of catering extensive and all comprehensive development services to global clients for over a decade. With secure and established IT infrastructure,experienced and expert developers, advanced approaches and transparent communication protocols Zealous has successfully helped various IT enterprises with their ODC requirements!

White Label ODC Partnership Alternatives

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources

Our Resource Screening Process

All of our resources are hired based on their technical proficiency, entrepreneurial mindset and their ability to adapt and learn.Our Human Resource Managers have a stringent screening protocol that has been designed on the basis of client expectations and international IT standard