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E-commerce Mobile App Development

Since people around the world are relying more on Smartphones for their virtual surfing, product searches and buying, the demand for e-commerce mobile applications has increased. Apart from market demand, mobile applications are a great way to keep an e-commerce brand on top of the minds of customers with push notifications and additional and personalized customer services. But, creating a personalized e-commerce mobile application requires domain understanding, a proven track record and an entrepreneurial mindset so that developers can successfully integrate personalization into the platform.

Right from market and competitor analysis to understanding the user persona, right from UI and UX strategy and development to end-to-end e-commerce mobile app development and maintenance services, we at Zealous provide comprehensive e-commerce mobile app services and solutions to our clients. With a proven track record of successfully delivering top-notch e-commerce applications to enterprises from different industries and countries, our developers have the necessary market exposure, technical expertise and entrepreneurial mindset required to develop a personalized e-commerce mobile app.

Features of E-commerce App Development



  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Specialized Solutions
  • Daily Reminder Dashboard
  • Tire Management
  • Driver Management
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Service Availability
  • View Offers
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Cart Management
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Chatbot for Customer Support


  • Registration/Login
  • Active Subscription Plan
  • Management of Multiple Stores
  • Inventory of Sale
  • Managing Catalogue
  • Managing Orders
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Payment Accounting
  • User Reviews
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Product Videos
  • Behavior Tracking
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  • Dashboard Management
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Seller
  • Manage Product Category
  • Manage Poromotions
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Manage Referrals
  • Manage banners & ads
  • Employee management
  • Order history
  • Reports
  • Offer creation

How much does it actually cost to build an
e-commerce app similar to Amazon or eBay?

Although all the e-commerce mobile applications are designed to sell products online, no two e-commerce platforms can be the same. For instance, some are marketplace e-commerce applications and some are personalized e-commerce platforms. While some applications are designed as multivendor platforms, some are designed for individual industry or business category. Apart from the nature of the E-commerce mobile app, the technology, modules, search filters, user navigation flow, need for automation, personalization and localization also differ from app to app.

An E-commerce mobile app requires a good amount of time and money investment and thus when it comes to planning your mobile e-commerce platform’s budget, relying on an average cost of development could result in complete mismanagement and utter chaos. Instead of relying on such random figures, you must first determine the nature of your application and the industries and segments that you wish to target. Based on that, you must consult a technical expert to help you prepare a requirements document. Then you can ask an e-commerce mobile app development service provider to submit personalized quotation along with a development timeline to make an informed decision.

We at Zealous provide e-commerce mobile app consultancy, development, maintenance and update services to our clients. If you wish to go beyond expert developers and join the list of satisfied clientele, click on the “Get a Quote” and collaborate with Zealous today. Experience value-added services, customer-centric approaches, transparent and inclusive procedures and much more.

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