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Dec 03

Web development with HTML5 frameworks

By zealousys


Information technology is the only field that is growing rapidly today. A wide range of people prefer to go in this particular field and it has several reasons. If you want to become a web designer then you need to put attention on too many factors and the most important thing is that which technology is coming into the market and how it can be effective for developing framework for different purposes. At present the craze of HTML5 is growing like anything. There are some reasons that are making this language popular and they are as follows:

  • The language is known for its robustness and scalability.
  • With the help of its attractive and interactive features one can easily create websites.
  • This has taken a new level of growth to the act of web development and so that good sites can be created very easily.
  • Developing interactive sites has become possible just because of this application.
  • HTML5 gives more freedom in designing web pages along with images, audio, video clips and with graphics.
  • At last with the help of HTML5 we can develop high levels functionality based websites.

Some very popular HTML5 based frameworks:

There are many HTML5 based frameworks available that can be used but details of the most 5 popular frameworks are given below:

  • LimeJS:

This framework is quite effective in building robust games. It also gives a native experience to the games so that they can work faster on desktop browsers and with touch screens. This framework has closure library and useful functions that helps them to control timeline, shapes, animations and events.

  • iio Engine:

This is an open source framework and quite effective for building HTML5 applications along with canvas and JavaScript. This is known for its lightweight nature and well equipped with the features like debugging systems. It don’t require JS framework and can be easily deployed with Box2D.

  • Zoey:

This is the third most popular framework that web developers prefer to use for developing different types of frameworks. It is considered the most popular and used HTML5-CSS3-powered frameworks. It comes light weighted and stay accompanied with UI components some like lists, groups, buttons, navigations, grids and forms. Zoey is compatible with iOS and android.

  • HTML5 Boilerplate:

With the help of HTML5 boilerplater one can easily build fast and easily adaptable applications and websites. It is based on apache settings that enhance the performance of the websites. This can completely handle the needs of server configuration and allow fulfilling the need of various mobile customers.

  • Jo:

It is an open source HTML5 mobile application framework that permits to fulfill the requirement of multiple platforms like WebOS, Symbian, iOS, Chrome, Android and Dashboard widgets.

Author Bio:

Marky Robinson works At Zealous Systems as website developer and creative graphics designer. He stay keen interested in developing useful frameworks with the help of recent technologies. His personal experience about this framework is mind-blowing and he feels that we all should take assistance of this software to develop useful websites.

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