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Logistics is one of the biggest cost factors for all the industries. No matter which industry your business belongs to, if you have a fleet, you need to manage it effectively as it is directly proportional to the bottom line of your organization. For those who are logistics service providers and for those enterprises that have their internal logistics, they all need effective Fleet management solutions and mobile apps are the best way to do that! With features like real-time tracking, fuel management, dynamic reporting and others, fleet management apps empower organizations to get insights into the cost and operations of their fleet and helps them in making informed decisions regarding the same.

Whether you require your fleet management app to help you effectively track your drivers and assets or you wish to reduce the fuel consumption or you wish to determine and analyze the cost of fuel and logistics in general, our expert mobile app developers at Zealous can cater to all your requirements. Get a personalized fleet management application that aligns with your business culture and effectively manage your fleet with minimal technical knowledge.

features of Fleet Management App Development

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  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Specialized Solutions
  • Daily Reminder Dashboard
  • Tire Management
  • Driver Management
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Service Availability
  • Smart Dispatch
  • Fuel Usage
  • Vehicle Tracking,
  • Performance Analysis
  • External work management (EWM)
  • Detailed Interactive Maps
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  • Online Driver Education
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Reports
  • Route Tracking
  • Driver Behavior Tracking
  • Insurance Services
  • Leader Boards

How much does it actually cost to build Fleet Management app similar to KeepTruckin or Odoo?

When we talk about fleet management applications, many different aspects can be covered. You can use the app for live tracking of vehicles, to get location history, for inspection reports, fleet compliance, effective document management, fuel tickets, dynamic fuel consumption reports and many other such operations. The app can help you manage your drivers, manage your fuel cost or can also help you in comprehensive fleet management!

But, fleet management applications are developed for enterprises and each enterprise will have its own set of requirements and expectations. Apart from that, the app might also need to be integrated with various systems to make it a part of an enterprise digital ecosystem. Thus, searching for an average cost of fleet management app is not feasible. Instead of that, you can create a Centre of Excellence that comprises of Technical Experts and decision-makers from the logistics department to ascertain why you need a fleet management solution? And what are the results that you wish to get from it? Based on the answer to these questions you can create a detailed requirements list and get a personalized quote from a fleet management solution provider.

Zealous is a renowned name for enterprise mobile app development in the market and has a proven track record in providing robust and personalized fleet management solutions to enterprises. To get a personalized fleet management application that aligns with your business culture and business goals, just click on the “Get a Quote” and talk to our technical experts today.

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