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Jun 24

Top Mobile Operating Systems used in 2014

By zealousys


The sudden popularity and demand for smartphones in the market has paved the way for quicker and more useful mobile platforms that can help users to complete their day to day tasks without any kind of hassles. Mobile phones, that has first come up as a source for verbal communication today, has turned out to become a major part of any person’s professional as well as personal life. Immediate communication and quick delivery of tasks has thus been made possible with the help of today’s smartphones.

Mobile operating system is also known as mobile OS. With the help of a mobile operating system, a Smartphone or a tablet is made to function in a perfect manner. The mobile operating systems these days are a real blend of a personal computer with additional features jam-packed in it. features like touch screen, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, camera, video, audio, cellular service, voice recorder, NFC, music player and lots of other features can be found working perfectly with the help of a real quick and easy to handle mobile OS.

The mobile operating systems found in mobile devices this year are as below:

Google Android KitKat
Android KitKat is the operating system that has been able to gain popularity in the year 2014. This OS is owned by Google and is based on the Linux kernel. The programs written for this platform are in Java. It owns around 81% of the market share and is the platform that is easy for developers to get the apps for this platform listed in the market. Apps for Android devices are easily and available for free in Google Play Store.

Apple iOS 7
Apple mobile devices are considered as the best and the quickest ones released in the market, compared to other platforms. With the popularity of Android platform, iOS has lost its popularity this year, though the iOS 7 has tried to gain back some of the lost reputation. iOS has a market share of 13% this year. This platform is based on UNIX. The apps are written in Objective-C. App Store provides you with Apps for iOS, but we find that most of the apps are not available for free.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8
Microsoft has made a major step into the mobile world with the help of its Windows Phone. Until the present day, Microsoft has not been able to gain a firm hold in the market; hence it has a 4% share in the market today. Windows lovers need not worry, since there are lots of probabilities for this platform to grow to a better level.

Blackberry 10
Blackberry was the first choice for business class for the past few years. With the coming of high-end smartphones released in Android and iOS platforms, there sure is a lesser demand for Blackberry phones. This year, blackberry is in the market with a 1.7% share, though it is the fourth largest platform for mobile.

Nokia Symbian, & Asha
Symbian has been the platform that was a popular mobile platform used by Nokia smartphones, and though Android devices are sold out the most, Symbian OS had to step down a bit. Soon, Nokia left the Symbian OS for Windows Phone, and today, Nokia is focusing more on Windows phone. Currently the Asha Platform, which was developed mainly for the low end smartphones and feature phones, is active with perfect releases each month.

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