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Experience Shopping Like Never Before with Location-based AR Application



Indoor Analytics

Indoor Analytics

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Augmented Reality

  • The AR Sports Finder mobile application is an Augmented Reality application developed for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The primary purpose of the app is to help shopping malls and retail brands attract customers through the use of iBeacon technology.
  • The main objective of the mobile app is to offer an innovative approach to product display by combining Augmented Reality with Beacons.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

The client recognized that Augmented Reality technology has transformed various industries, including games and education, and wanted to bring its benefits to the retail and wholesale sectors as well.

  • The client developed the concept of AR Sports Finder to assist both industries in leveraging AR app development technology.
  • AR Spots Finder is one of the few companies that provides indoor mapping, location, and navigation, as well as a retail component that uses iBeacons to post offers.
  • Users can set the radius of their Augmented Reality view to find local retail outlets and take advantage of any active discounts.
  • The app can also assist users in locating their parked cars in shopping malls' parking areas.

AR Sports Finder App Features

  • Camera View

    Camera View
  • Configure Radius

    Configure Radius
  • List Nearby Brands

    List Nearby Brands
  • Product Search

    Product Search

  • In-Door Navigation

    In-Door Navigation

  • View Advertisements

    View Advertisements

  • Add Store Admin

    Add Store Admin
  • Manage Store Admins

    Manage Store Admins
  • Manage Floor Plans

    Manage Floor Plans
  • Store with Geo-Location

    Store with Geo-Location

  • Display Advertisement

    Display Advertisement

  • Manage Store Products

    Manage Store Products

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