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Harmonize your mind with the healing power of sound.



Bineural Beats

Bineural Beats

Live Audio Streaming

Live Audio Streaming

Sonic Tonic helps users in reducing stress, enhancing concentration, improving sleep, and increasing learning capabilities.

  • The app utilizes medically accepted auditory therapeutic methods, including ASMR, binaural entertainment, autogenic training, and breathing exercises.
  • Sonic Tonic alters users' states of consciousness by combining two or more of these auditory techniques in a balanced mix.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

High levels of pressure and stress can lead to mind-related disturbances such as trouble sleeping, nervousness, and depressive episodes that can result in burnout.

  • Many people ignore these signals, allowing the problems to escalate into actual illnesses.
  • Sonic Tonic offers a Health Management Program designed to tackle mental issues such as anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, and other psychological problems.
  • The program is designed to help users manage these issues before they become too severe.

Sonic Tonic App Features

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    Explore Audio Articles
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