A holistic Social Media app which serves the features of all popular social media apps !


An app for the ‘All-in-One Social Media Apps' experience!

SpotMeOut is a Social Media app which combines features from Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, allowing users to share audios/videos/photos with friends, along with the feature to know the profile visits, and viewing other friends’ activities.

An app that allows you to share audio/video/photos like Facebook, track your friends’ activity like Instagram, and see the profile visits like LinkedIn! Also, meet up with friends based on location and upload your new hit song!

Social Media App

Purpose Behind The App

We all are on Social Media.

We have more than one social media app in our phones.

It is our everyday routine to hop from one app to other to check updates and what’s happening, which can get a bit too much at times.

Often, we lose the track of what we have shared on multiple platforms. We like ‘a’ feature of one app, and ‘z’ feature of another app.

How easy would it be to have a single app with the goodness of all apps in it?

With this purpose to fulfill, the client came up with the idea of building a holistic app which serves the features of all popular social media apps, and doesn’t compromise on the user interface!

Snapshot of SpotMeOut app

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