PocketQS is a specially designed mobile app to assist Construction Industry for calculating a wide range of complex quantities and receiving quotes as well as ordering products on-the-go from anywhere and at any time.


Construction Management App for The Tech-Savvy Contractors

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Purpose Behind the App

The Construction industry is constantly evolving, but there is one thing that is still the same. – keeping track of equipments, quotes, and invoices in different places. The problem is, when some of these information is recorded on piece of paper, it hurts the overall productivity of construction managers.

But now that construction professionals carry smartphones, it’s much easier to improve efficiency and speed up project timelines with mobile solutions.

PocketQS allows receiving quotes from different suppliers, calculate quantities, and place order for the required products, eliminating the need to store records in spreadsheets & piece of papers.

PocketQS App Features

  • Register Register
  • List ProductsList Products
  • Check Quote StatusCheck Quote Status
  • Receive PaymentsReceive Payments
  •  Update Profile Update Profile
  • Submit Quotes Submit Quotes
  • Generate Invoice Generate Invoice
  • Sales Reports Sales Reports

Snapshot of PocketQS

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