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Mobile App for Rental Apartment Reviews

We developed a Mobile App for an Australian client that allows people to read or share rental experiences and for managers to respond to reviews posted for their sites.

Rental apartment reviews

A Rental Reviews Application for Sharing Rental Experiences

Detailed Reviews

Detailed Reviews

Add or manage property

Add or manage property

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

When people step-out to find an apartment on rent, they have to rely on broker’s word or on what the building manager has to say about the building facilities and maintenance. While many might get genuine reviews and responses, there are many incidents where certain problems and conditions were withheld from the tenants and as a result of that they had to face different problems.

Identifying this problem, our client came to us with a requirement of a Mobile Application that allows people of Australia to share their genuine experience as a tenant of the current or past buildings. The app allows the users to list their apartment and share detailed reviews about various aspects of the building such as maintenance, management, facilities and others. The app also allows building managers to list their apartments with photos and videos and to respond to reviews.

Rental Rating

Purpose Behind the App

Finding a home is a daunting task and when you wish to rent a home for you or your family, there are a lot of aspects that needs to be checked before getting into any lease or rental commitments. Our client understood the Real-Estate market well and was aware that people many times failed to gain meaningful insights about the property which they are planning to rent.

The purpose of this Mobile Application is to help people get genuine and detailed reviews from current or past tenants about the property or apartment that they are looking to rent. The app also allows users to comment on the reviews posted by people and users can also share reviews on social media platforms. Apart from that, app allows property managers to list their apartments with certain number of photos and videos and they can also respond to the reviews about their building that are posted by other users.

The mobile app is listed on both App Store as well as Play Store and it also has a supporting website for payments and information.

Snapshot of Rental Rating App

Application Development

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