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Tap to pay, simplify your day - the NFC payment solution for businesses and retail stores

Automated Receipt

Automated Receipt

Product Listing

Product Listing

NFC Reader

NFC Reader

Investing in POS terminal hardware and systems has a lot of operational and preliminary expenses, and the software is designed as a stand-alone for the hardware device.

  • Creates a lot of troubles and technical dependency for businesses and shopkeepers for digital payment.
  • To find a feasible solution, the client came to Zealous with the requirement of replacing POS with a mobile application that facilitates payment and receipts.
  • App allows users to receive payment instantly from their customers with NFC reader technology.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

The client had a lot of experience in the Australian retail business and was aware of the changes in the Brick and Mortar stores towards digital transformation. The client noticed that POS terminal systems were expensive and solely dependent on the hardware in which they were embedded.

  • The client required a convenient and affordable replacement of the POS system.
  • The client wished to develop a mobile application to create a payment portal that could read debit/credit cards via an NFC reader.
  • This mobile app will help businesses accept payments right from the mobile application itself without the need of a POS terminal or any other hardware device.
  • Our dedicated mobile app developers created app for the Australian market and it also facilitates invoice with appropriate tax calculations.

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