Dance Instant Messaging App

Dance IM is an Instant Messaging Application designed for the Dancer Community to connect, communicate and share using the messaging application.

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An Instant Messaging Application by the Dancers for the Dancers

Dancers have a huge community around the world and there were no dedicated platforms that united the dancers. Also, there were very few platforms where you could find dancers and connect with them. Answering to those Pain Points, client came to us with a requirement of a Dance Messaging App called Dance IM.

The App allows dancers to connect, communicate and share videos and photos with each other! Also, they can discover app users in their nearby areas and connect with them to become a part of the community.

Dance Instant Messaging App

Purpose Behind The App

The client who contacted us was a dancer and always felt the lack of communication amongst the Dance community. Also, there were few applications that allowed chatting and sharing but there were no features that helped people connect to dancers and share big video files.

Also, there were no platforms where a dancer who is new to a town or an area could get information regarding dance events in their nearby areas!

The purpose of this application Dance IM was to help the dance community and the dancers to connect, communicate and share. The app not only allowed the dancers to chat and share pictures and videos, they could also share Dance Emojis that were designed exclusively by us for the application users.

Snapshot of Dance Instant Messaging App

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