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Zork is an advanced calendar application that aids in users in effectively managing their professional and personal calendar events as well as daily to-do lists.


An Advanced Calendar App Helps You Stay On Top of Appointments

Work-life balance has become much more difficult with the evolving time and the fast-paced lives of the millennial. To help them manage their personal and professional life effectively and also have a tool that allows them to effectively manage their time, the client came to us with a requirement of an application called Zork which is basically an advanced calendar.

Zork has unique features where users can create separate personal and professional calendar and can also keep audio reminders and alarms.

Zork snapshot

Purpose Behind The App

There are many apps available for time management but there were not many that could help their users in effective work-life balance. The client wanted to create a mobile application that could fill that market gap and provide the users with an advanced calendar that can help its users in effectively managing their time and personal as well as professional undertakings.

With the sole purpose of proving such advanced calendar, Zork was designed with some unique features where users can create multiple calendars, add information about their employees in the roster section to effectively manage professional to-do lists, add audio messages for personal reminders and other such unique features with a collaborated view of their upcoming events in my calendar section.

The app is a one such application that allows users to effectively manage their time and work-life balance.

Snapshot of Online Calendar App

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