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Tiller is a family event sharing application where users can add their parents/guardians to share important events of their life and create celebration pages and have conversations that are awkward to share face-to-face.

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An Event Sharing App Developed For Children And Their Parents

There are many such incidents and events happening in a child’s life which they would want to share with their parents but they cannot share it face-to-face or are away from home to let them know. Keeping that pain point in mind, the client came to us with a requirement of a mobile application that could help users share events, celebrations and can have conversations regarding their life with their parents and guardians.

Tiller is designed with such features where users can have chats, video calls, create celebration pages and update about events.

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Purpose Behind The App

The pain point that the client wished to address was to design such a platform where children could easily have intense conversations and share about the events happening in their lives with their parents which they usually avoid to have if they are having a face-to-face encounter.

This led to an idea of a mobile application which was presented to us by our client and he wanted us to work on an application that serves the purpose and could fill the gap. The app allowed the users to invite their parents and also add other important family members of their families like their siblings and cousins under the section My Tribe.

The users can then start a conversation or share an event with the people of their choice and can also ask them to join their celebration. The app was a simple design with multiple roles of parents and children.

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