Eye Witness App

Eye Witness is a Distress Call Application that allows the users to communicate with their guardians about their trouble along with location, images and videos of their current state.

Eye witness

An Application Designed to Deal With SOS Emergencies

The world is a safe place but there are also some violent crimes that can happen with anyone anywhere. Our Smartphone can be of a great help to deal with such situations and ask for help from your guardians to fight those distressed situations like robbery, assault or any other such misconduct.

The client wanted to create an application that could help its users to get help in such emergency situations and also gather proofs for legal or personal references.

Eye witness snapshot

Purpose Behind The App

At the time the app idea was conceived, there were no such applications in the market that could help people who are facing an emergency situation which could endanger them. To address the problem and to help those who are in need of help, the client conceived of this concept and came to Zealous with this idea.

The purpose of this application was to create an application that could send distress call to the guardian of the user along with their location, images and videos if they have recorded any. The call could be made directly by hitting the panic button. Users could set the panic button of their choice and could also set the guardian of their choice. Also, since the communication was done via email, there was no need for the guardian to install the application.

Thus, this helped the client in delivering an application that could work perfectly for any person in the time of an emergency.

Snapshot of Eye Witness App

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Eye witness snapshot
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