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Ex Communicator is a mobile app that serves as a communication tool which is exclusively designed for couples that are separated or divorced and needs a platform to communicate with each other.

Communicator app

A Communication App that eases the life of Separated or Divorced Couples

Separating from a partner is a tough call to make. Although the relationship ends, the responsibilities don’t! There are many things that connect the couple such as the kids, their responsibilities, financial matters and much more.

The pain point that needed to be addressed was that the couples needed a platform where they could not only share imperative information and updates, they could also delegate tasks regarding their kids or other such tasks and can also send them a reminder about the same. Also, the couples that are separated also needs certain other services that can help them in Legal matters and Child Development.

Ex Communicator is one such application that addresses all such problems and beyond! It was an app that was made to provide all comprehensive services to the divorced and separated couples.

Behind app

Purpose Behind The App

The client determined a pain point that the couples that are recently separated or divorced face a lot of problems in communication, task allocation and in adjusting with the new life! There was a clear opportunity and he had researched that there was no effective tool designed to address these problems that Divorced or Separated Couples faced.

Thus, the purpose behind Ex Communicator was to deliver an application to those troubled couples and help them smoothly transition through their tough times. The application allowed the couples to register themselves and communicate using the application.

The application also offered third party services where they could get in touch with third parties like Child Development Service providers, Legal Advisors, Relationship Advisors, Safety Services and other generic Help services.

Snapshot of Ex Communicator

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