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Keeping communication simple for better co-parenting: A communication app for separated or divorced couples.

Task Delegation

Task Delegation



Enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience

When a couple decides to separate, it can be a difficult decision to make. Even though the relationship has ended, the responsibilities that connect them remain. These responsibilities can include taking care of children, managing finances, and other important matters.

  • The main challenge was to create a platform where separated couples could not only share essential information and updates but also assign tasks related to their children or other responsibilities.
  • Additionally, these couples often need legal and child development services.
  • Ex Communicator is an all-in-one application designed to address these problems and more.
  • It provides comprehensive services for divorced and separated couples.
Purpose App

Unveiling The Purpose

The client identified a pain point that separated or divorced couples often struggle with communication, task delegation, and adjusting to their new life. Through research, the client discovered that there was no effective tool designed to address these issues.

  • Ex Communicator aimed to help troubled couples through difficult times by providing an application.
  • Couples could register and communicate through the application.
  • The application provided access to third-party services such as child development service providers, legal advisors, relationship advisors, safety services, and other general help services.

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