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Missing Child Locator Application

Citizen Safe is an application where users i.e. parents can ask for help regarding their missing child from the other users of the application.

Missing Child

A Missing Child Locator Application developed for Parents

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

GPS in Real Time

GPS in Real Time

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Missing Child is a distressed situation for any parent and they need as much help as possible to find their missing child. There are Legal Bodies to conduct such searches but if the parents could get help from citizens of their neighbourhood, that could be of great help! Keeping the situation and problem in mind, the client came to us with a requirement of a Mobile Application that could help distressed parents who are facing a situation of a missing a child to seek help from the app users.

The app was designed with simple and intuitive User Interface with quick response and easy to act buttons keeping in mind the state of mind of users and responsiveness required reacting to a situation. The app users who wished to help can also get notification regarding help calls and can also keep track of the event even when they are offline.

Missing child single

Purpose Behind the App

When the case is of a missing child, the parent would need all hands on deck apart from the legal bodies to find their missing child. With the same purpose to get help to those distressed parents, the client came to us with a requirement of an app that was dedicated to this cause.

The app had three simple functionalities where parents can upload the missing child event with details like photo, name, last location seen, parents’ information, parents contact details and other details and the event will be listed in the HELP section. The second functionality was the users who wished to help could notify parents by clicking on help section and selecting the option “Eyes on the Ground”.

The third functionality was when a user found the missing child; they could mark the child as safe and upload the picture of the child with location for other users to know and can also directly contact the parents to inform them about the child under the section “Mark as Safe”.

Snapshot of Missing Child Locator App

Application Development
Missing child snapshot

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