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What’s New in Laravel 11? New Features & Changes


Laravel 11, released in March 2024, brings a many new exciting changes to the popular PHP web application framework. This update focuses on streamlining the development experience while introducing powerful new features for building modern web applications.

This new Laravel 11 version prioritizes a cleaner structure, improved performance, and exciting new features like Laravel Reverb, a first-party WebSocket server.

Let’s dive into the key highlights of Laravel 11:

Here are the Laravel 11 Features

1. Introducing Laravel Reverb:

Laravel Reverb

A major highlight of Laravel 11 is the introduction of Laravel Reverb. This first-party package provides a scalable WebSocket server, enabling you to seamlessly integrate real-time functionality into your applications. With features like efficient message broadcasting and private channels, Reverb empowers you to create dynamic and interactive web experiences.

2. Minimal Application Structure:

Laravel 11 now comes with a simpler setup for new apps. It’s designed to be sleek and up-to-date without making older apps change. This new structure keeps what Laravel developers already know but streamlines things for a more modern feel.

The app folder has undergone a major simplification, with the removal of the HTTP and Console kernels. Additionally, nine rarely customized middlewares have been integrated directly into the framework. This reduces boilerplate code and fosters a more modern development experience.

This is what the new folder for the app looks like:

Laravel Minimal Application Structure

3. SQLite By Default:

Laravel 11 utilizes SQLite for database storage. This lightweight database eliminates the need for additional setup, allowing you to begin development immediately after creating your project.

Here are the benefits of using SQLite by default:

  • Faster Development Start: No need to install or configure a separate database server, accelerating your development process.
  • Perfect for Development and Testing: SQLite’s simplicity makes it ideal for local development and testing environments.
  • Flexibility for Production: For production deployments, you can seamlessly switch to a more robust database solution like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

4. Health Routing:

Laravel 11 Health Routing

Keeping your application healthy is crucial. Laravel 11 introduces a new /up health check route, providing a convenient way to verify your application’s basic functionality. This route can be easily integrated into monitoring tools, alerting you to any potential issues.

5. Queue Interaction Testing:

Laravel 11 Queue Interaction Testing

Laravel’s queue system is a powerful tool for handling asynchronous tasks. Laravel 11 enhances your ability to test queue interactions with improved testing functionalities. This allows you to write more comprehensive tests and ensure the reliability of your background jobs.

6. Graceful Encryption Key Rotation:

Laravel 11 Encryption Key Rotation

Security is important in Laravel web development. Laravel 11 streamlines the process of rotating encryption keys, a critical security practice. This new feature allows you to update your encryption keys without disrupting ongoing application operations, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.

When will Laravel 11 be released?

Laravel 11 will be released on March 12, 2024

How to Install Laravel 11?

The easiest way to install Laravel 11 is to first set up the Laravel Installer

composer global require laravel/installer

Then run:

laravel new projectname


Laravel 11 is a significant update that paves the way for a more streamlined, efficient, and robust development experience. With its focus on minimalism, real-time capabilities, simplified database setup, and enhanced testing and security features, Laravel 11 empowers Laravel developers to build modern web applications with greater ease and confidence.

This blog has merely scratched the surface of the exciting new features in Laravel 11. We encourage you to explore the official documentation and delve deeper into the possibilities this new version offers!

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